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Disco’s Burning (It Up Again)

While most people favor pumpkins and apples this time of year, peaches and an herb sounds much better.

That ’70s Show was crazy good on so many levels, least of which was the music. The 70s was one of the greatest decades for rock music, while also dabbling into the groovy side of a new (at the time) musical genre that still not dare speak its own name out loud (shh, I’m talking about disco). Interestingly, the taping of That ’70s Show my parents and I went to in Los Angeles was the episode in the series that featured a disco burning bonfire.

And yet, when asked to shake their groove things, the cast of That ’70s Show was second to none.

Especially “Rainnnnnbow!”

It’s Friday: You know what to do.

Playing “Hyde” and Seek for That ’70s Throwback

Thursdays have become known as “Throwback Thursdays.” However, I’m not sure when this decision was officially signed into popular culture law? Regardless, it provides plenty of fun alliteration word games and flashbacks to the past.

Danny Masterson (“Hyde” on That ’70s Show) was born on March 13, 1976. Here’s a bit of a mind-bender: Aside from Danny Masterson being born on March 13th, the following video clip is a flashback to a popular sitcom no longer in production that features a flashback of how two adult characters from the 1970s (“Hyde” and “Eric”) met as children in the 1960s. It also ends with a throwback to something we all did when we were that young (usually alone, but still).

Yes, this is happening.

Happy Birthday to one of our favorite sitcom hippies on this Throwback Thursday!

P.S. Have you heard about this car that runs on water?

Hangin’ Out, Down the Street (Again!)

Apparently, the kids who were always “hangin’ out, down the street” together arranged a piano number this past Tuesday night at a quintessential LA pad to reminisce about those days from about a decade ago in real time and more than 30-40 years ago in sitcom time.

that '70s show

(Topher Grace’s Twitter: “Hangin’ out, down the street….”)

Clearly, the basement was just being renovated or something.

A reunion was groovy enough, but “the gang” decided to take it a few notes further…

The still photo above is evidence, as reported by a few of the former Point Place troublemakers, of a “That ’70s Show” sing-along to, you know…

Happy Monday!

During any workweek, most days can seem the same with the only discernible difference being that one day it’s called Tuesday and another day it’s called Wednesday.

Well, here’s that ’70s staple from the sitcom vault that features that Wisconsin gang and their families who declare that we find happiness in our everyday routines!

Have a Great Week! Oh yeah, I almost forgot…