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Laughing is the Best…It’s Just the Best

  • A Brit, a German and an American sit down for an interview…

Sienna Miller, Daniel Brühl and Bradley Cooper star in the newly released film, Burnt. Telling the story of trying to run the best restaurant in the world through the lens of a cook struggling to regain his place atop the culinary world, Burnt looks like a fun ride into one of Hollywood’s responses to the foodie craze that has run wild in America the past several years.

An excellent primary cast and picturesque settings does not guarantee a hit, but the chemistry demonstrated above reveals this movie may have some degree of that “it” factor.

Anybody else craving schnitzel?


Halloween’s Friendly Host

Casper is a scary fun family Halloween movie, while Halloween is just scary.

The celebration of carving pumpkins, brushing away cobwebs, avoiding black cats, ghosts, goblins, vampires and witches and watching kids (and adults) dress up as superheroes, athletes, musicians, celebrities, current event phenomenons and virtually any character is a great time to gauge society’s preferences and pop-culture’s influences. Culturally speaking, All Hallows’ Eve is an entertaining annual snapshot of who we are.

And on this “Throwback Thursday,” we can never forget the classic (and sometimes underrated) stories that bring this tradition to life with an unmistakable impression.

Well played 1995!

Framing the Future

According to the informative and insightful, on October 28, 1965, American innovation put down its tools and construction equipment to marvel at a visual marvel.



With an elevator that lifts visitors to the top of this stunning arch, St. Louis has a unique platform to showcase its beauty. Moreover, this “gateway to the west” is a prime example of the American ingenuity that seems to have been exported to other countries that are designing and building wildly creative structures around the world. This arch is iconic and the 50th anniversary of its finished glory should be a reminder of how we should approach the next 50 years:

With imagination, determination and skill.

What gateway will be realized next in America?

His Hollywood Minute

David Spade is really interesting.

Today is the official release date of Spade’s new book, “David Spade is Almost Interesting.” The stand-up comedian, actor and former SNL cast member (6 years) has shared some hilarious tales of his career through the years on talk shows. Along with Chris Farley (RIP), Adam Sandler and others, Spade was skilled at seamlessly showcasing his comedic talents onstage and in front of the camera.

Weekend Update, “Gap Girls” and Tommy Boy.

Enough said.

David Spade is a likable character in his own right, which translates to successful endeavor after successful endeavor. His book is a must-read for fans of him and vintage SNL comedy the way it should be: clever, biting, inspiring, unforgettable and laugh-out-loud hilarious.

We all want to be his friend and hang-out with him for a night in NYC or LA for the experience, the comedy and the stories.

Here’s one of those behind-the-scene anecdotes from his days at 30 Rock.

Yeah, Steve Martin is interesting too.