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A Mind Trip Unlike Any Other

The man’s name was Robin Williams. The man’s occupation was making people laugh. And the formula for comedy is tragedy plus time.

We owe Robin Williams, the man who made us laugh out loud and cry like no other comic (Mrs. Doubtfire, dears), to take the time to hear and understand his personal tragedy that, evidently, was a parallel force pulling at the imaginative, faster-than-lightning comedic genius.

This brand new trailer for the brand new HBO documentary ‘Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind’ will make us laugh and make us cry. Hopefully, HBO has timed the release date of Monday, July 16 at 8 p.m. ET correctly so audiences can appreciate both emotions separately and as one.

One final picture of the art form known as Robin Williams.


Hi, I’m Jimmy. Even if Your Name was Thursday, I’d Never Throw You Back

Get ready for the throwback you never knew you needed.

Actors Benedict Cumberbatch, Eddie Redmayne and Bryan Cranston were recent guests on The Graham Norton Show. It was hilariously revealed that Mr. Cranston, in another life, was a deftly skilled interviewer…for a video dating company…from the ’70s and possibly into the ’80s.

In the always entertaining spirit of “Throwback Thursday,” please check out this dynamite interview about a nostalgic dating technique that transformed into a laugh-out-loud throwback for the ages.


  • Bryan Cranston was in a sitcom called Malcolm in the Middle
  • Eddie Redmayne is in a new movie called Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  • Benedict Cumberbatch is in a new movie called Doctor Strange

I want the intro/theme music from Great Expectations as my ringtone.

Laughter is the Best Surround Sound

If you work in any kind of office, you’ll understand.

The second day of the workweek can feel exhaustive if the workload pile looks like an infinitely high skyscraper of papers on your desk or a digital inbox that never stops adding emails. Worst case (not really, but go with it), the week may already feel repetitive. If either of these feelings describe you, perhaps you should buy a small TV and mount it on your living room wall and host an awkward dinner party. For some, just looking at this technological “invention” is enough to throw all your cares away in exchange for uncontrollable laughter.

I’ve always imagined this blooper from The Office was a pretty close reenactment of an actual sales pitch and demonstration by an employee trying to sell this ridiculous TV to consumers as he or she was desperately trying not to laugh.

And now, the same scene that finally made it on NBC.

Hopefully, you’ll watch and laugh at these clips repetitively.

Laughing is the Best…It’s Just the Best

  • A Brit, a German and an American sit down for an interview…

Sienna Miller, Daniel Brühl and Bradley Cooper star in the newly released film, Burnt. Telling the story of trying to run the best restaurant in the world through the lens of a cook struggling to regain his place atop the culinary world, Burnt looks like a fun ride into one of Hollywood’s responses to the foodie craze that has run wild in America the past several years.

An excellent primary cast and picturesque settings does not guarantee a hit, but the chemistry demonstrated above reveals this movie may have some degree of that “it” factor.

Anybody else craving schnitzel?