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I Want to Eat Dinner & Party. No, Not a Dinner Party

If you work in an office, then leave said office, but then hang out with people from that office, have you actually left the office?

Here’s a visual study guide of sorts to help you answer this question.

And here’s the uninvited, yet always entertaining supplemental material that serves as an assisting resource to the study guide.

If you work in the right office, then the office will never leave you.

And that can be a thoroughly entertaining reality.


Park, Our Fun Begins Now

The weekend is finally here.

Not the musician, but the end of the workweek.

And this is the glorious occasion that happens just 52 times a year and should be taken full-advantage of when it arrives. Particularly in nice weather, like in Columbus, OH at the moment, finding that one activity (or several) to define your entire weekend is of the highest importance. Put more simply, we strive to get from Point A to an excitingly awesome, sometimes unknown Point B.

This journey of sorts usually begins as we’re leaving the office

Well, as we all know, we have to be constantly aware of roadblocks…

and refrigerator boxes around office buildings.

Laughter is the Best Surround Sound

If you work in any kind of office, you’ll understand.

The second day of the workweek can feel exhaustive if the workload pile looks like an infinitely high skyscraper of papers on your desk or a digital inbox that never stops adding emails. Worst case (not really, but go with it), the week may already feel repetitive. If either of these feelings describe you, perhaps you should buy a small TV and mount it on your living room wall and host an awkward dinner party. For some, just looking at this technological “invention” is enough to throw all your cares away in exchange for uncontrollable laughter.

I’ve always imagined this blooper from The Office was a pretty close reenactment of an actual sales pitch and demonstration by an employee trying to sell this ridiculous TV to consumers as he or she was desperately trying not to laugh.

And now, the same scene that finally made it on NBC.

Hopefully, you’ll watch and laugh at these clips repetitively.

Happy Monday!

It’s not Midnight in Paris, but 2 a.m. at a Jazz club in LA.

Woody Allen has written another movie set in a magnificent locale during a wonderfully nostalgic era. This time, the famed writer/director takes us to Los Angeles circa the 1930s. There’s a young, curious and neurotic lead character played by Jesse Eisenberg (aka – the Woody Allen character) who is introduced to the Hollywood scene at the beginning of its golden age, tempted by everything and everyone around him.

Conversationally, Café Society is quintessential Woody Allen.

While difficult to decipher in the trailer, there seems to be at least some degree of hope for the film’s actors and actresses being able to laugh at themselves and not take the dialogue as seriously as one easily can get when reading a script by Mr. Allen. For such a golden time in film history, it would be a shame to make a movie with more of a humorless statement with only celebratory accents than a Gatsby-like party with a great twist (or two) at the end.

Ironically, the brief scene in the trailer when a person is tossed into a hole being filled with cement, followed by the line, “You ask politely, people listen” gives me hope for the latter.

Café Society arrives in theaters on July 15, 2016.

Have a Great Week (sans cement)!