What Amazing Looks & Sounds Like

Meet Robin Williams’ Comedy Twin

The Beautiful Dream

This Poem is Wonderful, Even Sublime,
About a ’90s Sitcom, One of the Greatest of All-Time!

The Ohio State Marching Band Performing The “New Birth of Freedom”

Jean-Claude Van Awesome

Just One of the Reasons Why Sandra Bullock is America’s Sweetheart


A Brief (and Awesome) Introduction in Time

Will You Marry Me?

Hans Zimmer Gives Us a Few Minutes of His “Time”

A very clever third grader in the Chicago-area (a Chicago Blackhawks fan) answered her multiplication question in a very unique way. Thankfully, her teacher (also a Blackhawks fan) has a good sense of humor. The teacher eventually counted the answer as correct for an A+. Awesome!  (P.S. Marián Hossa is #81 on the Chicago Blackhawks)



Preparing for a Hero’s Welcome on June 14th

It’s April. There are Showers. And Yet, the Sun’s Still Shining!

June 14, 2013: Superman’s Next Chapter

The Crazy Dutch

She’s Awesome!

In a Single Word: Powerful

This Segment Gets Two Glowing Lightsabers!

Watch Your Step

Edgar Mueller, German 3-D Illusionist Street Painter

Now This is My Kind of Remote Controlled Plane/Superhero!

Not a Traditional Juggler

Sound City: ‘Nevermind’ Music’s Digital Revolution

This is Just One of the Things That Can Happen if You See a Hit Sitcom Taped Live

Like Father, Like Son! (featuring Taylor Hawkins)

Great Bands Can Play Anytime, Anywhere. Here is Phoenix’s Proof:

Just When You Thought Tom Hanks Couldn’t Get Any Cooler…

The Best Soccer Commercial, circa 1998 World Cup

Do you like video games?

Yes, it’s him!!

Beautiful in More Ways Than One: Starring Sylvie Van Der Vaart

Coldplay & Viva La Vida: It’s not a concert…it’s an Experience. (Full screen recommended)

You’ll Never Look at Sand the Same Way Again

I’m pretty sure this is why YouTube was invented


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