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Book Your Ticket Now

Clint Eastwood, Tom Hanks, Aaron Eckhart and Laura Linney are part of the same movie. That’s pretty much all that marketing needs to promote a film with this director and cast.

(Can you name the sitcom that Aaron Eckhart and Laura Linney guest appeared in together?)

To give you a few more details, U.S. Airways pilot Chesley Sullenberger became a household name on January 15, 2009.

“Sully,” to be more precise.

Incredibly, both jet engines on Flight 1549 became useless that January morning due to birds flying in the exact air space they shouldn’t have dared flown into. The end result was the “Miracle on the Hudson.” Having flown on dozens and dozens (and dozens) of flights domestically and internationally throughout the past 25 years, the standard announcement by the stewardess detailing the seemingly impossible event of a water landing and corresponding step-by-step guide in the pamphlet in the seat back pocket in front of us depicting passengers sliding down a slide with life vests because of an emergency water landing was burned in my mind from a very young age.

Still is, but after “Sully” maneuvered the water landing in the Hudson River alongside New York City, that seemingly impossible cautionary warning has since caused my cognitive seat back to always be in the upright position while on any flight.

Clint Eastwood’s latest directorial project tells the known story of the spectacular events of that famous landing and the surprisingly unknown story of the aftermath following Mr. Sullenberger’s heroics.

As the trailer for Sully reveals, Mr. Eastwood appears to have been precise with the facts.

Sully arrives in theaters September 9th.

Considering the evocative imagery of an airplane experiencing an emergency around NYC, the release date of September 9th is a little curious. Not a controversy, but peculiar none the less. The real landing occurred in mid-January, after all.

If any two people in Hollywood can safely resolve this potential issue before the movie lands in theaters, look no further than Clint Eastwood and Tom Hanks.


That’s One Way to Tailor Suits

Welcome to “Wait, What!? Wednesday.”

This a Jimmy’s Daily Planet special.

This blog already celebrates the first day of the workweek with “Happy Monday!” Then, on occasion, there’s “Throwback Thursday” and “Flashback Friday.” The inspiration behind “Wait, What!? Wednesday” wasn’t to write a paragraph with the most quotation marks, but to add a random midweek surprise. The first name that came to mind was magician extraordinaire David Blaine.

You didn’t see that coming, but he probably did.

Magic has always been difficult to fully believe because strategically-placed distractions, spacial manipulation and slight, yet masterful illusions have been revealed to the public throughout the years. Some of these tricks are for beginners at birthday parties, while a couple elaborate stunts have been given the Wizard of Oz treatment. Even so, most magic tricks cannot logically be explained by even the most perceptive eye.     

This is where we cycle back to David Blaine. Arguably, Mr. Blaine’s most famous trick is levitating in mid-air right in front of people on a public street. Pure insanity. Interestingly, the video clip below features the magician embracing the laws of gravity instead of defying them.

Seeing that card trick almost made my heart skip a beat.

England Leaves EUROpe

It’s official: Iceland’s most famous export is no longer the hockey squad from D2: The Mighty Ducks.

France is hosting the Euro 2016 tournament, which has seen many of the power teams advance through the group stage and to the single-game elimination rounds (Germany, Italy, France, Portugal). Keep in mind though, this tournament, during the past 12 years, has seen small nations rise to super human levels. Greece, defying all odds and constructs of reality, won Euro 2004 by defeating Portugal 1-nil.

It’s important not to make a direct comparison (yet), but Iceland continues to make a case in Euro 2016 that’s increasingly morphing into something genuinely mind-boggling.

So mind-boggling that its soccer announcer, Gudmundur Benediktsson, can barely believe what he’s seeing. Last Wednesday, Iceland upset Austria on a stunning last minute goal. Mr. Benediktsson had a mildly excited reaction. Yesterday, Iceland (pop. 330,000) was leading England (pop. 53,000,000) 2-1 in the last minute of extra time.

How can you watch and listen to him and not love the beautiful game?

Barring a surprise tournament entrance by Gordon Bombay: The Minnesota Miracle Man, the now famous Icelandic commentator may not be chilling out anytime soon.

P.S. Do you think Brits are more distressed over leaving the EU or being upset by Iceland? The answer may be more surprising than England losing to, well, you know…

P.P.S. Two unbelievably dramatic departures in less than a week. Is it time to call the U.K. the new Cleveland?

The Brexit.

The Björking.

P.P.P.S. The MVP of Euro 2016 thus far: Gudmundur Benediktsson.

Happy Monday!

Los Angeles has redefined the trust fall.

Nearly four months ago, Jimmy’s Daily Planet covered the ambitiously scary plan by U.S. Bank to build a clear slide for visitors. The catch was that the slide would be constructed on the outside of the building. The second catch was the height of said slide:

70 stories.

After experiencing this newly opened thrill ride, you’ll be telling this story about 70 times.

U.S. Bank: Well played.

People asked for more transparency with America’s banks.

Have a Thrill-Seeking Kind of Week!