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So, This is Where the Budweiser Frogs Have Been Hiding…

You’ve heard the expression, “You’re the life of the party.”

Ladies and gentlemen, there’s one thing that will guarantee you will be “the life of the party” this weekend. The only catch is you’ll have to channel the supernatural powers of America’s favorite street magician David Blaine who can unbelievably demonstrate that not all aquariums fit on a table.

Plus the quick hands to catch, well, you’ll see. And Dave Chappelle, Steph Curry and Drake saw what I’m hinting at very, very close-up.

Yeah, I’d hop to the other side of the room too.

You Will Leap in Awe

Magician David Blaine has a new trick called, “The Human Aquarium.”


Yes, you read that correctly. Famed street magician David Blaine and freak of nature (we presume he’s from Earth) was recently on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to promote his new TV special with Hollywood celebrities (aired tonight) and he sufficiently stunned the host, members of his house band The Roots and the studio audience with a couple routine card tricks.

Well, routine by David Blaine’s standards.

However, Mr. Blaine saved his greatest trick for last. Just when you think you understand your surroundings or life in general, it’s always refreshing to realize the limitless surprises this world has to offer.

This is one of those surprises.

All I can say is that Kermit the Frog needs to up his game. I’m not so sure that just singing will cut it anymore.

That’s One Way to Tailor Suits

Welcome to “Wait, What!? Wednesday.”

This a Jimmy’s Daily Planet special.

This blog already celebrates the first day of the workweek with “Happy Monday!” Then, on occasion, there’s “Throwback Thursday” and “Flashback Friday.” The inspiration behind “Wait, What!? Wednesday” wasn’t to write a paragraph with the most quotation marks, but to add a random midweek surprise. The first name that came to mind was magician extraordinaire David Blaine.

You didn’t see that coming, but he probably did.

Magic has always been difficult to fully believe because strategically-placed distractions, spacial manipulation and slight, yet masterful illusions have been revealed to the public throughout the years. Some of these tricks are for beginners at birthday parties, while a couple elaborate stunts have been given the Wizard of Oz treatment. Even so, most magic tricks cannot logically be explained by even the most perceptive eye.     

This is where we cycle back to David Blaine. Arguably, Mr. Blaine’s most famous trick is levitating in mid-air right in front of people on a public street. Pure insanity. Interestingly, the video clip below features the magician embracing the laws of gravity instead of defying them.

Seeing that card trick almost made my heart skip a beat.

What’s Up with the Space Above the Ground?

There are “Throwback Thursdays” and there are “Throwback Thursdays.”

Remember the time when street magician David Blaine levitated on the street?

No big deal, right?

Obviously, there’s a trick to this. One really needs to see it and experience it live, but it’s certainly entertaining and a surreal sight nonetheless.

Technically, is this kind of magic an ancient throwback to the past or a pioneering nod to the future of illusions for the 21st century?

Either way, at least we know today is Thursday.

No trick there.