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Fish with the Snark

While Curb Your Enthusiasm is returning this October (sadly, not Fish in the Dark), that feels like a year away at this point.

The bad news.

However, despite this frustration, and the equal frustrations concerning the eternal and always-present nature of online technologies, there are certainly some benefits to the internet as the world progresses day-by-day towards October. Stay with me and you’ll discover the subtlety of where I’m going with this…

and it leads me to one of those aforementioned benefits. The good news.

Larry David is just like Larry David. Or is it that Larry David is just like Larry David?

Oh, that’s right, we’re all just like Larry David (well, our inner voice).

Happy Monday

He’s only getting better with age.

And no, I didn’t name a bottle of wine Thor. I’m not crazy. My mother had me (Big Bang Theory fans will fill-in-the-blank here). The “he” in the sentence above refers to the genius comedic writer and actor Larry David.

Seinfeld savants have been cognizant of Mr. David’s writing prowess since the late ’80s and throughout the nineties in the sitcom world. However, Larry David has been experiencing a renaissance of sorts with the public (even though he really didn’t go anywhere) for his HBO show Curb Your Enthusiasm, a successful stint on SNL as Bernie Sanders (spot-on) and a Broadway writing and acting debut in Fish in the Dark. Part of this renaissance is that with his HBO show and play, Larry David has been in front of the camera and on-stage.

Add in nostalgia for the timeless brilliance of Seinfeld’s unique brand of humor and an old guy humorously telling it exactly like it is (and then some) in completely absurd (yet entirely relatable) situations on Curb Your Enthusiasm and those are the main reasons why Larry David is experiencing a Betty White-like resurgence in recent years.

Plus, Larry David is insanely funny as an actor and a writer!

And he’s still going strong…

super strong.

Have a Better Week Than Last Week.

A Rose is a Rose is a…Rose?

Everyone loves a good joke.

And the following joke doesn’t need much of an introduction or require a disclaimer concerning any foul language. Simply put:

You’re up, Norm Macdonald.

A nice, fun joke for a nice, fun weekend.

A Stand-Up’s Guide to Standing Out

Jim Gaffigan is advertised as the clean “everyman/dad” comic who specializes in food jokes (Hot Pockets, anyone?). So, would you be surprised to learn that this very same stand-up comedian possesses a skill for standing out in a crowd?

We all want to be different in some way. We all want to have attributes unique to ourselves. And one of the ways we can distinguish from others is through comedy, which requires a great sense of humor. This is where the aforementioned Jim Gaffigan comes back into play in this blog post.

As Mr. Gaffigan explains, the journey towards genuine individualism involves many detours through unknown, foreign places…

like China?

Next stop for the Gaffigan family:

Family Feud!

Or the game show Jim Gaffigan would prefer:

Family Food.

Thank you, I’m here all night Monday-Friday.