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Winston’s (Signature) Caper?

Carrying over from yesterday’s blog post, I recommend you go to a theater near you to see Darkest Hour. Not only for history’s sake but to witness a brilliant performance of a British leadership icon by a fellow British icon of a different sort.

Gary Oldman is something special portraying Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour. Plus, Mr. Oldman showed in a behind-the-scenes clip that his talent isn’t restricted to just the dramatic arts…

If those dance moves don’t inspire you for the forthcoming New Year celebrations, I don’t know what will.

We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall get jiggy with it in the streets celebrating victory!


The Mission Was Impossible Until It Wasn’t

Just how dark and uncertain were the real-life events that are chronicled in Joe Wright’s Darkest Hour? Today, Winston Churchill is a legendary icon. Back then, he was a man; just an ordinary man with something extra about him.

Gary Oldman, who masterfully disguised himself as the great British leader and orator of the mid-20th century, Winston Churchill (actually, it’s more of an acute metamorphosis), takes audiences on a matter-of-fact journey of Churchill’s nomination, acceptance and turbulent, yet historically triumphant tenure as the British Prime Minister battling Hitler and the very survival of the United Kingdom as well as Europe and the world. That’s not a spoiler, but life-altering history from the early 1940s. What is surprising, and what will remain unwritten here, are the fascinating behind-the-scenes moments, relationships and stunning detractors to Mr. Churchill in this pivotal time during World War II.

For those rarely known instances, I recommend you go see Darkest Hour at a theater near you. Then watch Christopher Nolan’s 2017 film Dunkirk as a wonderful companion piece both historically and cinematically, if you haven’t already.

But Darkest Hour begs the question of whether there’s a modern-day Churchill? Moreover, will the world ever see another man like Winston? Has there been another great leader akin to Winston Churchill?

Let’s hear from the man who became “The British Bulldog.”

Darkest Hour is historical proof that we must persevere through our own personal abyss and never stop navigating after failure’s vicious cycle because it’s at the moment when the impossible arrives that the course can change dramatically and transform into something we’ve been working for all these years:

Impossible becomes I’m possible. That’s the story of Winston Churchill.

A Prehistoric Mindset

Even if bringing dinosaurs back to life births too many hazards (despite its eternal and forgiving human instinct and allure), scientists can never yield in the pursuit of comprehensive knowledge as to how these prehistoric creatures acted. And this all starts with their brains.

The recently released video below may not qualify as a leap, but it’s a fascinating step, to say the least.

There’s a new Michael Crichton-brand novel here…

Columbus Doesn’t Want 12 Varieties of Jelly

The word “crew” takes on so many important meanings, including family.

Christmas provides the special opportunity to spend time with family and loved ones. Reconnecting on a myriad of levels can be heartwarming and critical. It sharpens and ironically broadens our perspective on what’s valuable in the present and in the future.

In the broad sense, the Columbus Crew needs to be saved from snakes Crew SC owner Anthony Precourt, Crew SC President of Business Operations Andy Loughnane, Precourt Sports Ventures President Dave Greeley and complicit MLS Commissioner Don Garber by remaining in Columbus for this city (America’s soccer capital and beating heart) and for the very identity and promise of U.S. soccer.

Yes, that’s at stake.

In the sharpened sense, a popular clip from a Christmas cinematic classic translates all-too-perfectly for what is happening between the Columbus Crew faithful and its greedy, deceitful and heartless boss. Specifically, the surprise, sleazy announcement by Mr. Precourt a couple months back to Crew fans, employees and sponsors detailing the forthcoming lame-duck season in 2018 reminded me —

You know the scene of…pure passion (yes, I’ll go with that) from Christmas Vacation.

We’re not done yet.

A lot of people happily consider themselves to be a version of Clark W. Griswold and/or that their family is Griswold-esque. It’s a funny, yet proud comparison. Count me and my family in for this exercise! Speaking of the latter, Clark is a proud man, despite his many goofy characteristics. He works hard and wants what is best for his family. Just as stand-up comedians are able to say things in public we only wish we could, maybe Clark W. Griswold is doing that for us (although, my previous blog posts have shown I’m pitching in in that regard) during the holidays.

Now that is the gift that can keep on giving the whole year of 2018 that will not be the last of the Columbus Crew.