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Columbus Doesn’t Want 12 Varieties of Jelly

The word “crew” takes on so many important meanings, including family.

Christmas provides the special opportunity to spend time with family and loved ones. Reconnecting on a myriad of levels can be heartwarming and critical. It sharpens and ironically broadens our perspective on what’s valuable in the present and in the future.

In the broad sense, the Columbus Crew needs to be saved from snakes Crew SC owner Anthony Precourt, Crew SC President of Business Operations Andy Loughnane, Precourt Sports Ventures President Dave Greeley and complicit MLS Commissioner Don Garber by remaining in Columbus for this city (America’s soccer capital and beating heart) and for the very identity and promise of U.S. soccer.

Yes, that’s at stake.

In the sharpened sense, a popular clip from a Christmas cinematic classic translates all-too-perfectly for what is happening between the Columbus Crew faithful and its greedy, deceitful and heartless boss. Specifically, the surprise, sleazy announcement by Mr. Precourt a couple months back to Crew fans, employees and sponsors detailing the forthcoming lame-duck season in 2018 reminded me —

You know the scene of…pure passion (yes, I’ll go with that) from Christmas Vacation.

We’re not done yet.

A lot of people happily consider themselves to be a version of Clark W. Griswold and/or that their family is Griswold-esque. It’s a funny, yet proud comparison. Count me and my family in for this exercise! Speaking of the latter, Clark is a proud man, despite his many goofy characteristics. He works hard and wants what is best for his family. Just as stand-up comedians are able to say things in public we only wish we could, maybe Clark W. Griswold is doing that for us (although, my previous blog posts have shown I’m pitching in in that regard) during the holidays.

Now that is the gift that can keep on giving the whole year of 2018 that will not be the last of the Columbus Crew.


‘Tis the Season to Pledge Allegiance

Well, traditions technically begin with something happening for the first time…

Before we know it, families will gather and relatives will arrive for the holiday season. With Christmas just days away, it’s easy to settle into old habits. For many, that’s a reassuring feeling. Myself included. These moments bring a wonderful continuity in our lives. These traditions are special, nestled deep in our hearts.

Continuing from yesterday’s Christmas-themed movie favorite Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, I bring you yet another classic clip from a film that will surely be playing in homes across the country.

I am serious about National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation playing in homes across America and don’t call me Shirley.


Happy Monday!

Christmas is only a couple weeks away.

At this point of the year, specifically the holiday season, we reflect on the past several months and the past several years. With Thanksgiving (and those familial conversations) behind us in the rear view mirror, the next challenge for many is ensuring that everything is ready for Christmas.

Most importantly, picking out the perfect Christmas tree.

This movie is all part of the Christmas experience.

Have a Great Week! 

I Came, I Saw, I Froze


That’s the expected low temperature tomorrow morning in Columbus, Ohio. 5. A single digit on the barometer.

Translation: Stay inside.

If you do venture outside, however, remember to cover your eyes. They can freeze.

And a trip to Macy’s can wait because that Santa tie will still be there a week before Christmas 2016.