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Happy Halloween!

There’s one movie that put a hypnotic spell on all of us ’90s kids…

and one of the famed Sanderson sisters recently knocked it out of the park for us.

The 1993 cult movie phenomenon Hocus Pocus continues to cast its nostalgic magic on anybody who has seen the film throughout the past 23 years since it premiered in movie theaters. Much like John Carpenter’s Halloween series, Hocus Pocus has become one of the must-see Halloween movies. That’s definitely impressive company for this time of year.

Disney, incredibly, seems to have the support of the main cast to reunite for an entertaining sequel. What’s more is that the original movie didn’t rely too heavily on grand special effects, which means the sequel would likely be story first. And the movies that focus on story, characters and settings first always succeed.

(ex.- Hocus Pocus in 1993).

Hopefully, fans won’t have to wait 300 years for someone to light a black flame candle of screenwriting for a sequel.

Happy Halloween!


Disco’s Burning (It Up Again)

While most people favor pumpkins and apples this time of year, peaches and an herb sounds much better.

That ’70s Show was crazy good on so many levels, least of which was the music. The 70s was one of the greatest decades for rock music, while also dabbling into the groovy side of a new (at the time) musical genre that still not dare speak its own name out loud (shh, I’m talking about disco). Interestingly, the taping of That ’70s Show my parents and I went to in Los Angeles was the episode in the series that featured a disco burning bonfire.

And yet, when asked to shake their groove things, the cast of That ’70s Show was second to none.

Especially “Rainnnnnbow!”

It’s Friday: You know what to do.


Thank Goodness it’s (Almost) Friday.

Have you ever had one of those Thursdays when you’re at work doing serious tasks and something breaks your concentration? We’ve all been there, particularly when we’re cognizant of the fact that only one day separates us from the weekend. The problem is we can’t allow ourselves to break our 9-5 “character.” This lapse in protocol can come from a big, dramatic distraction or it can be a few declarative words from your offbeat coworker.

Dwight always had the perfect beet for comedy.

Fact: You need the strength of 11 full-grown men to get through that clip without laughing.

The ONLY Good PC

Tonight, there’s definitely something in the air…

There are certain songs, from various decades, that genuinely transport us to a place that elevates the moment beyond the constraints of reality. A sublime trance, if you will. Phil Collins, the masterful singer/songwriter, gave the Tonight Show’s viewers such an experience.

Oh Lord.

“In the Air Tonight” is one of those songs you listen to on a long car ride alone at night, driving whilst peeking up at the stars, reflecting. With the weather officially in fall mode (chilly with rain), this song and performance feels rather therapeutic and, yes, perfect.

Just like Questlove’s triumphant drumming moment.