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Tales from the Krypt

Coming to your favorite blog near you (as fast as a speeding bullet) is the first trailer for the new TV series Krypton.

One of the leading creative minds behind Christopher Nolan’s highly-acclaimed Dark Knight trilogy, writer David S. Goyer, is the executive producer on Krypton. This pre-Superman planetary vision looks intriguing and surprisingly impressive, particularly for TV. Recall that SYFY is the network that has given the world the admittedly and proudly campy Sharknado movie series. Moreover, Krypton will have the added challenge of keeping audiences happy with and interested in the evolving Superman story in relation to the major motion pictures. The Man of Steel sequel continues to be pushed further into the unknown future, but Krypton success could help move the needle for a release date to sooner rather than later. We will keep our fingers crossed.

After all, the “S” stands for hope, right?

Krypton will premiere on SYFY on March 21.


Just Normal Things on Friday the 13th

Strange things happen on Friday the 13th. Stranger things happen on Friday the 13th when Netflix is involved.

Case in point:

10 new episodes of ’80s-inspired awesomeness formally known as season 2 of the hit Netflix original series Stranger Things arrive on Friday, October 27th.

PSA: Stock up on Eggo’s frozen waffles. You’ll probably get hungry during a 10-hour Stranger Things binge…

Bachman’s Exit is…Insanity?

Jian-Yang! T.J. Miller!

For any fan of the pitch-perfect comedy on HBO about Silicon Valley, which is aptly titled Silicon Valley, the adapted shout above is pitch-perfect.

What’s not perfect for any fan of Silicon Valley was the shocking news that one of its endlessly hilarious ensemble stars, T.J. Miller (Erlich Bachman, founder of Aviato), announced with HBO that he would not be returning for the forthcoming fifth season next year. The aforementioned hit show features brilliant writing, deft insight into the happenings and quirky (to put it lightly) characteristics of northern California’s tech culture and a cast of actors and actresses that make up one of the best casts on television.

So, that begs THE question: Why leave now?

For an actor who thrives on a life as an off-the-wall entertainer, the following excerpt from a recent interview was a sobering applause break for a rare glimpse into the man T.J. Miller.

Erlich Bachman T.J. Miller will be missed.

Not as much as the spoons designed perfectly for enjoying yogurt at snack time, but close.

Erlich Bachman knows what I’m talking about. Jian-Yang also knows, but he doesn’t care…plus, he’s is busy setting the garbage on fire.


RIP Mary Tyler Moore

Actress Mary Tyler Moore has died at the age of 80.

Mary Tyler Moore was a television icon not only for her influence in the evolving sitcom format, but also as a leading actress. There are few words that can be expressed right now. However, the following video clip of the final curtain call for The Mary Tyler Moore Show that aired on March 19, 1977 seems like a fitting goodbye in this grim moment.

RIP Mary Tyler Moore.