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The Eternal Prison of Revenge


The next bizarre chapter of the Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito saga begins with the two former lovers being found guilty/colpevole by a Florentine appeals court. When the verdict came down yesterday, it had to be utterly surreal and downright depressing (mentally, emotionally and even physically) for Knox and Sollecito.

The two most important questions at this juncture: how and why?

How could there be a guilty verdict if there wasn’t any new, groundbreaking evidence to definitively prove that Knox and her former boyfriend committed murder against Meredith Kercher or that they were even at the scene that treacherous night? For a moment, contemplate the places you’ve walked through and sat down just today in the past ten minutes. Could you retrace your steps exactly as you took them and then clean literally every single spec and trace of your presence?

If it seems impossible, it’s because it is, unless you’re a villain from The Blacklist. And even then…

And, if Knox and Sollecito did pull off that impossible feat for themselves, why did they leave their partner-in-crime Rudy Guede with his DNA everywhere? If so, why didn’t Guede ever mention such a betrayal? It’s usually quite difficult to disclose something that didn’t really happen, which is why nothing like this was ever divulged.

Having followed the case closely, as well as having read Knox’s book that details her painful and exhaustive account, this case is not 100% clear-cut. That’s been well established. There were a few questionable reactions by Knox, but none of which was ever attached with hard evidence that would lead to her to be deemed guilty. To proclaim her guilt based on wild conjecture requires one hell of a story.

Why has this specific case extended far beyond a standard legal trial for murder? Sadly, ulterior motives seem to be part of the never-ending argument being formed by the prosecutor and his wild and disturbed imagination, the Italian police originally involved, the Italian public and the Italian legal system as a whole. A legitimate hypothesis is that they all feel forever embarrassed by how the world saw them investigate and conduct themselves throughout this highly publicized, divisive and scrutinized trial.

There is justice to be had, but it seems like one side is eternally clouded by bitter revenge.

One more thought to reflect on is whether or not the Kercher family owes (now or in the future) Knox and Sollecito an apology? Why is this question being asked? Think about what has been determined by hard evidence: Rudy Guede was at the crime scene with his DNA everywhere (including the walls, floor, bed comforter, the bathroom and Meredith’s body). He was a known criminal who had previously broken into other buildings. He then fled on a train out of the country the very next morning after the murder took place.

With the evidence lacking against Knox and Sollecito, and while being completely sympathetic to the Kercher family wanting to know every detail and to receive every bit of justice for their daughter and sister (100% understandable), it seems like what they have relentlessly put two innocent kids through in a suspect (at best) legal system multiple times should be at least mentioned.

Knowing that the above statement was a very sensitive and controversial proposition to bring up, it still seems like a legitimate point to make. Would the Kercher family feel the same way about their persistence of assumed guilt for Knox if their daughter was in Amanda’s shoes and Meredith was subjected to the same scrutiny and fantastical stories by the prosecutor, Knox family and local media?

Rudy Guede, who was proven guilty with overwhelming evidence and a confession, is locked up behind bars.

And yet, this is all just another crazy chapter in a surreal story that ceases to have a real ending.


Three Men and a Man Child

There are some nights when we just can’t fall asleep. The cause could be a myriad of reasons, like stress for the upcoming day, nightmares from a movie or anxiety about taking over the most iconic late night show in television history.

All that needs to be said for the video below is that we’re never too old for our teddy bear and a nice, soothing nostalgic sing-a-long from the guys and days of “predictability, the milk man, the paperboy, evening T.V.”

A “Full House” is always the best.


Everywhere you look (everywhere)
There’s a heart (there’s a heart)
A hand to hold on to.
Everywhere you look (everywhere)
There’s a face of somebody who needs you

Now this is worthy of the top-shelf on Throwback Thursday!

A Rhetorical Abstention from Reality

Here is a brief recap of President Obama’s State of the Union speech from last night:

No serious proposal for opportunity-centric tax reform to help the middle class and low-wage earners
No legitimate solutions that would help those living in poverty move up into the middle class, far above the poverty line
No hints of genuine bipartisanship
No fresh, new vision for a country hurting in a stagnant economy exacerbated by his policies
No debate or reconsideration/adjustment at all on climate science-related policies, even though Europe (of all places) is scaling back funding for such projects and the fact that scientists are progressively suggesting a mini-Ice Age may be upon us (the Polar Vortex, anyone?)
No mention of the debt
No mention of excessive government spending
No reexamination or humble remarks regarding Obamacare as he refuses to even entertain suggestions dealing with structural changes from Republicans, despite his nearly 20 executive orders/delays for the law
No new, innovative plans for the energy sector that would produce jobs and energy now

Nope, nothing.

And President Obama and the media calls the Republican Party the “Party of No”?

The Tonight Show Featuring XX

February 6th: The last The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

February 17th: The first The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

As these dates draw closer, a more in-depth analysis, reflection and celebration will be featured on this blog. However, for now, the temptation to throw one’s mind into a state of wild visions and predictions has become too irresistible to deny. And it starts with a simple, seemingly pointless and nonsensical question at this precise moment in time:

Who will take over The Tonight Show a couple decades down the road after Jimmy Fallon?

While this inquiry may derive an insulting premise, that could not be any more untrue. It’s simply an acknowledgement that the tectonic plates of the comedic landscape is changing right before our eyes and that it sparks a curiosity about what lies ahead. Appropriately, the mind wanders into the far reaches of what is possible and what even seems inevitable in the not so distant future, history wise.

Seth Meyers is taking over Late Night as an SNL veteran of late night laughs at the age of 40. He’s a clever, funny writer with good delivery. No doubt. However, can Meyers carry the same interest and entertaining interaction he always shared with Stefon to all his guests? If this proves to be the case, then get ready to laugh very late into the night. And unless Jimmy Fallon (39) tanks (which he won’t), the 20 or so year-old question into the future is, “who is Fallon’s heir apparent?” Meyers is the perfect age for taking over The Tonight Show (if he were chosen or the best fit) right now. Not in 10, 15 or 20 years. That’s too late (one of my better puns). His ticket seems cemented in Late Night and with whatever else Mr. Michaels pitches his way. Although, there’s always that one in a million chance…

My guess? The person’s name will not start with Seth and end in Meyers.

Instead, the next big star for NBC at 11:35 p.m. will (drum roll please…) be a female comedian (stand-up and skits) who has strong writing and performance ties to Saturday Night Live and, specifically and most importantly, Lorne Michaels. Given the longevity and success that Johnny Carson and Jay Leno had and how that will potentially translate to Fallon, it’s very likely this individual is still in college. Maybe, maybe, there are the quietest of whispers about her somewhere in her college hallways.

Somewhere, someplace, this person is making somebody laugh.

My prediction (via Carnac the Magnificent) is that the next host of The Tonight Show will be a beautiful, talented, clever, witty and nationally appealing female stand-up comic and master of sketches who will define a new era in comedy during the heart of the 21st century for girls and women of all ages across the United States and beyond.

No joke.