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[Burger] Press is More

A three-worded question changed a fast food chain forever:

“Where’s the beef?”

When Wendy’s released their (now) signature :30 TV commercial in 1984, the company forever altered customers’ expectations for ordering and eating tasty, affordable burgers. The square-pressed burgers that extend beyond the bun was, and is, a big deal. More than thirty years later, any viewer of a cooking show can attest that countless chefs, cooks and restaurants have adopted the Dave Thomas approach for a myriad of dishes of ignoring food borders in favor of maximizing deliciousness. To think that 3 elderly women (and a marketing team) changed the food game forever in half a minute.


And thank you.

Those women changed the game so much that a certain ’80s-inspired comedy that involved a time-traveling hot tub made sure to include a popular question from the decade in its prominent flashback scene.

Where’s the beef (reference)?

Put simply, the legacy of Dave Thomas and Wendy’s far exceeds the doors of its restaurants around the world.

And nobody has a beef with that.

Happy Throwback Thursday!


Weather’s Awakening

Global warming.

Climate change.

Global cooling.

As climate scientists at national and international institutions continue to change their minds as to what the exact disastrous term should be used regarding their apparent Kung-Fu grip on weather, meteorologists provide the public with daily weather observations and insights. To be blunt, their job really is to tell us coat-or-no-coat.

And yet, they don’t always make the right prediction.

However, one British meteorologist did something that was all kinds of right during yesterday’s newscast.

A beautiful woman who has a stunning smile, a cute accent, a great sense of humor and is a fan of Star Wars (with no ring on the left hand).

Will you marry me?

Is This a Joke?

I was watching the end of a rerun yesterday and this correlation instantly popped into my head.

Remember Pharrell’s infamous hat from The Grammy’s? Of course you do. It was that awkwardly tall, straight-brimmed brown detective/cowboy hat of sorts. Does it look at all familiar?

Maybe this will refresh your memory:

(The sound may not be synched correctly, but the focus should be on Elaine)

Is Pharrell is playing a year-round April Fools’ joke on all of us by sporting the modern “urban sombrero?”

Either way, well played Pharrell…well played.

The Eternal Legacy of Harold Ramis

This was sent out by Cartoonist Ash Vickers through his Twitter Account

By: Ash Vickers of MegaCynics

Harold Ramis will be dearly missed and fondly remembered as a man who connected multiple generations together with timeless comedy favorites. His talent for writing, directing and producing witty and humorous one-liners and creating funny characters, as well as portraying funny characters that were witty and humorous with some great one-liners, Harold Ramis was in the entertainment business to make people laugh and smile.

And he did.

Here is a small collection of his writing, directing, producing and acting credits:

Caddyshack, Stripes, Animal House, National Lampoon’s Vacation, Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II, Groundhog Day, Analyze This, Multiplicity, As Good as It Gets, High Fidelity, Orange County and Year One.

These are just some of his best-known projects. Just reading those titles is making me laugh and reminisce about all the hilariously classic scenes I and millions of others still happily quote to this day. Harold Ramis not only brought countless families together to watch the Griswold’s every Thanksgiving and Christmas, Bill Murray every Groundhog Day, but he also brought us joy in watching two idiots struggle in the Army and, unforgettably, the coolest group of ghost-fighting scientists in history.

He was a comedy legend that worked with comedy legends. In front of the camera or behind it, he was sensational. That’s a rare gift and he was a rare talent.

While it’s impossible to pay a complete tribute to his life and filmography, below is a video by CNN’s Jake Tapper that can serve as a wonderful reminder of how he made us laugh and feel better about the infinitely complex and mysterious thing we call life.

Who are we gonna miss?

Harold Ramis.

Thanks for the memories and rest in peace.