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Happy Monday!

What do I want my wish to be for my birthday?

Wishing that USWNT soccer star Alex Morgan was single…

Wait. I need to think more realistically about this. Alex Morgan isn’t single. What else do I really want that’s both fully achievable and would create an incomparable feeling of rejuvenation?

Oh, right. Dinosaurs eat people.

Maybe something with fewer teeth instead.

Have a Better Week Than Last Week. 


[Burger] Press is More

A three-worded question changed a fast food chain forever:

“Where’s the beef?”

When Wendy’s released their (now) signature :30 TV commercial in 1984, the company forever altered customers’ expectations for ordering and eating tasty, affordable burgers. The square-pressed burgers that extend beyond the bun was, and is, a big deal. More than thirty years later, any viewer of a cooking show can attest that countless chefs, cooks and restaurants have adopted the Dave Thomas approach for a myriad of dishes of ignoring food borders in favor of maximizing deliciousness. To think that 3 elderly women (and a marketing team) changed the food game forever in half a minute.


And thank you.

Those women changed the game so much that a certain ’80s-inspired comedy that involved a time-traveling hot tub made sure to include a popular question from the decade in its prominent flashback scene.

Where’s the beef (reference)?

Put simply, the legacy of Dave Thomas and Wendy’s far exceeds the doors of its restaurants around the world.

And nobody has a beef with that.

Happy Throwback Thursday!

Happy Monday!

Sometimes, the best way to start a new workweek is to simply give it absolutely everything you’ve got. All the energy left over from the weekend should serve as jumper cables of sorts this Monday morning.

Charlie Day/Dale Arbus knows what I’m talking about.

Happy Monday!

Kickin’ It on a Throwback Thursday

One of the great things about Thursday is that it serves as the preview to the impending weekend. Being in a good mood today can catapult you to the VIP section of the rooftop party without paying a cover charge. And getting these good vibrations (as the Beach Boys would say) can arise from something at work, at home or something completely random.

Whatever the cause, it’s welcomed with open arms and perhaps a dance move or two…

Scratch the “good vibrations” of the Beach Boys and think of some beats from Jay-Z to bounce to instead.

P.S. Bonus points if you got the music reference seen later in the movie!