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Happy Monday!

What do I want my wish to be for my birthday?

Wishing that USWNT soccer star Alex Morgan was single…

Wait. I need to think more realistically about this. Alex Morgan isn’t single. What else do I really want that’s both fully achievable and would create an incomparable feeling of rejuvenation?

Oh, right. Dinosaurs eat people.

Maybe something with fewer teeth instead.

Have a Better Week Than Last Week. 


We’ll Make Your Day Today, Clint

On this day back in 1930, actor/director Clint Eastwood was born in San Francisco.

Whoa. Ladies and gentlemen, just as a reminder, it’s 2019.

Celebrating a towering 89 years, Mr. Eastwood is still regarded as one of the toughest tough guys around. His films, ranging from westerns ‘Unforgiven’ and ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ to starring as a hardass cop in ‘Dirty Harry’ to a Secret Service agent in ‘In the Line of Fire’ to dramatizing the World War II battles on Iwo Jima in ‘Flags of Our Fathers’ to telling the real and deeply gritty ‘American Sniper’ to shining a behind-the-scenes light on ‘Sully’ — and dozens more movies in between — have left a definitive mark on Hollywood cinema that have and will continue to stand the test of time.

But just as important as the aforementioned serious films is Clint Eastwood’s sense of humor. And as famed comedic “roastmaster extraordinaire” Don Rickles showcased in a video clip below from many moons ago, ‘Dirty Harry’ is quite content for comedians to make his day.

Happy 89th Birthday, Clint Eastwood! 

“Chuck” B. Berry Good

90 is the new 50?

Brush away the AARP card, biting into soft food and staring out the window at birds from dusk until dawn. Chuck Berry, the trailblazing rocker behind “Johnny B. Goode” and many other hits, isn’t celebrating his 90th birthday (which is today, October 18th) sitting down. It looks like Mr. Berry still has a few fresh beats in his head that will keep him (and us) rockin’ and rollin’ well into the new year.

Berry’s new album –  titled “Chuck” – will arrive in 2017 via Dualtone Records. His last album of original music was 1979’s “Rock It.” According to a press release, “Chuck” consists of songs written by Berry and was recorded in studios around his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri.
–Mike Ayers, Wall Street Journal

Thanks to my dad and his brother, I had the unforgettable chance to see experience Chuck Berry play his greatest hits in a tiny club in St. Louis, Missouri more than a decade ago. The true magic of that evening was that Mr. Berry, despite his towering age, did THE “Duck Walk” during his priceless performance of “Johnny B. Goode.” Everyone in the room was mesmerized with a smile as wide as the Gateway Arch. Knowing that the man himself is still musically inspired on his 90th birthday for a forthcoming album should bring a smile to everyone’s face.

A Dream of Mine: I think if somebody could arrange for Michael J. Fox to recreate that scene (as best as he can and is able) on the Academy Awards, in some form, to the Back to the Future mode/clothing/setting/high school kids dancing and have Chuck Berry “Duck Walk” on stage to sing with Marty McFly halfway through would be, arguably, the greatest moment in pop culture history. Plus, they would need to make sure to have that phone call from Marvin Berry before Chuck struts out onto the stage.

For now, here’s something that will get everybody to stand up and do their very own “Duck Walk.”

Happy 90th Birthday Chuck Berry!

Still Learning to Fly

Sure, 31 is just a number.

This is a factual statement, yes, but it’s a real number that sparks real reactions.

Turning 31 today evoked a strange feeling. Not as seismic a response as 30, but substantial nonetheless. How did I get here? Remain calm, the following sentences are not going to dive into the depths of my psyche (perceived vs. reality). The questions that I find myself asking are more concerned with how I got here relative to reacting in the immediate future. Immediate meaning the next minute, hour, day and month.

To be frank, these are inquiries that are difficult to answer. However, one of the benefits of getting older is knowing where to look. And that’s paramount.

The Foo Fighters are usually a good first step.

“Learn to Fly” is still one of my all-time favorite songs after all these years.

That has to mean something.