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Happy Monday

Fred Armisen’s reluctant Portlandia driving character = All of us this morning.

Carrie Brownstein’s insistent Portlandia driving character = Our Monday alarm that officially starts the workweek.

Random Thought: I wonder if the name of the guy driving the Yugo was Hugo?

Have a Better Week Than Last Week.

P.S. In just a few short days, those tricky stop sign/right-of-way conundrums will be replaced by the open road of the weekend.         


Happy Thanksgiving

Spending Thanksgiving with family and friends reminds us of the warmth of our relationships, the delicious food that’s brought to the table and the unique hilarity delivered by our family members. For starters, there’s a sign in my parent’s house that reads, “‘Tis the season for forced family fun.” Most of all, this holiday is about settling our rivalries, coming together and being thankful. And in true Thanksgiving fashion, this should happen on the gridiron.

Or at a nearby park.

The Geller Yeller still hasn’t announced the winner.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

The Power of (Impossible) Positivity

It’s time to turn on the “weekend swagger.”

Do people still say the word “swagger” out loud?

The short answer is no. The longer answer features many sources for this term’s cultural collapse, most recently damaged by a middle-aged father in Los Angeles who has the promotional ego of Mt. Everest and the ROI of, well, his mediocre NBA son Lonzo Ball. It would be too easy (and obnoxious) to listen to the nonsensical, yet very real rants of patriarch LaVar Ball. Instead, watching the hilarious character actor Kenan Thompson of SNL do an impression of the aforementioned father is the perfect comedic escape.

If the Ball family has taught us anything, it’s best to check ourselves before we shoplift in China wreck ourselves.

Jerry Being Seinfeld

Kesha = That lingering Monday feeling.

Jerry Seinfeld = All of us.

The quintessential Jerry Seinfeld moment seen above from this past summer confirmed everything we thought (and frankly hoped) the legendary comedian would be like in real life. The title of Jerry’s amazing 2017 Netflix comedy special is Jerry Before Seinfeld, chronicling the stand-ups early days. In Huggate, it’s simply Jerry acting like his character in Seinfeld. In many ways, Seinfeld acts the way we want to in countless social situations. He does and says what he thinks and wants to without worry, which is an incredible skill, believe it or not. Importantly, we should be occasionally reminded to break unwritten social norms.

‘Tis the benefit of being a professional comedian, possessing the strength to reject the absurd, including the stranger hug.

And that’s not nothing folks.