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There’s Dumb & There’s, You Know…

Summer, like a right angle, is just around the corner.

With the sun shining and birds singing, the time for planning that wondrous vacation has arrived. Let’s face it, there are three ways to travel: By air, by sea or by automobile.

Luckily, a lantern is no longer necessary for making this critically important decision.

In order to see the real Americana, everybody knows the experience of getting there is half the fun. Does this mean traveling Griswold-style in a wood panel station wagon? Yes. And it also means spotting a nice, tall building in your downtown, tipping it on its side, strapping some wheels on it and driving that across the country.

If you’re daring enough to accept this challenge, then Jeff Daniels has a few tips, which includes counting to three.

My guess is Jeff Daniels got his kicks on Route 66…as in literal kicks from his wife.


Happy Memorial Day!

Pay your respects to those who have sacrificed their life for our country.

At a time when the United States is yearning for strong presidential leadership, it’s best to reflect to the past for guidance into the future. On Memorial Day, this sentiment is magnified 100-fold. Our veterans that never returned home from the battlefield demonstrated resolute strength in the face of unthinkable evil. We must always remember the reason for the long weekend, which is to honor those in America’s armed forces and celebrate what their courage means for us each and every day.

To all the American heroes in uniform:

Thank You!

A Great Great Show

What’s the only logical way to kick-off a long weekend?

An intense rap battle with Ross from Friends, Late Late Show host James Corden and special guest Rebel Wilson is correct.

Whether in the car singing karaoke or dropping the mic Eminem-style, we’ll be there for you James Corden to see what you do next.

Including David Schwimmer.

Man, He was a Super Hero

The superheroes in a superhero movie aren’t always in front of the camera.

Masters of the Universe, released in 1987, is one of the best superhero movies ever made. This despite having to deal with many enormous challenges. The story follows He-Man and his solider friends as they to find and, in the process, prevent Skeletor and his army of villains from getting their hands on the all-powerful Cosmic Key as they search and destroy suburban Los Angeles. The movie is a perfect encapsulation of the cinematic magic of the ’80s that combined eye-catching practical effects and flashy CGI. As the expression goes, the film is pound-for-pound (or frame-for-frame) a classic that defines the eternal battle of good vs. evil.

And, as the short documentary below reveals, there was an epic battle just to make and finish this cult classic.

True story.

Courteney Cox undeniably stole the movie. The casting director should get another thank you, nearly 20 years later. Similar to Richard Donner’s Superman films with Christopher Reeve, critiques focusing on the slightly unrealistic visual effects are irrelevant. The technological challenges and related growing pains are, as a matter of fact, more endearing with each passing year and viewing. The story, characters and settings more than make up for any shortcomings.

Box office records and critical acclaim be damned: Masters of the Universe knew what it was and was proud of it.

That alone deserves a shout-out on “Throwback Thursday.”

He-Man still has the power!