Daily Archives: May 23, 2016

Happy Monday!

It’s not Midnight in Paris, but 2 a.m. at a Jazz club in LA.

Woody Allen has written another movie set in a magnificent locale during a wonderfully nostalgic era. This time, the famed writer/director takes us to Los Angeles circa the 1930s. There’s a young, curious and neurotic lead character played by Jesse Eisenberg (aka – the Woody Allen character) who is introduced to the Hollywood scene at the beginning of its golden age, tempted by everything and everyone around him.

Conversationally, Café Society is quintessential Woody Allen.

While difficult to decipher in the trailer, there seems to be at least some degree of hope for the film’s actors and actresses being able to laugh at themselves and not take the dialogue as seriously as one easily can get when reading a script by Mr. Allen. For such a golden time in film history, it would be a shame to make a movie with more of a humorless statement with only celebratory accents than a Gatsby-like party with a great twist (or two) at the end.

Ironically, the brief scene in the trailer when a person is tossed into a hole being filled with cement, followed by the line, “You ask politely, people listen” gives me hope for the latter.

Café Society arrives in theaters on July 15, 2016.

Have a Great Week (sans cement)!