Daily Archives: May 10, 2016

Whassup America


Budweiser, in yet another savvy marketing move, will boldly promote patriotism on its label for beer drinking from sea to shining sea.

People drink beer when they’re happy and people drink beer when they’re sad. It’s a fairly simple product with a genius and timeless business plan. Few companies take advantage of and elevate within the alcoholic industry as well as Budweiser, as evidenced above and in their unforgettable commercials. And this year, Americans will be able to joyfully drink America when cheering on Team USA at the summer Olympics in Brazil. Conversely, Americans will be able to drinkĀ America (and their sadness away) during the presidential election.

Once again, Budweiser is not only aiming to be the most favored beer brand in the country, but it’s striving to be synonymous with the United States of America and its ideals. The people, brands, industries, products, places, events, etc. that embody this nation’s unique character have a proven track record of success. In an election cycle with so much cynicism and dissatisfaction from all sides of the spectrum pining for vision and leadership, at least Americans (21 and older) can toast and drink to something indisputably incredible: