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Space & Time

“We’ll find a way…we always have”

Dedication to a particular craft is essential to those who aspire to making something that transcends the ordinary and moves us into a space in the extraordinary. Movie director Christopher Nolan continues to build his resume of critically acclaimed movies that excel in acting, production, writing, creativity, intelligence and a gravitas most films fail to reach. One explanation is that Nolan is an independent filmmaker who succeeds in making blockbuster hits with the acute skills of an independent filmmaker, but with crazy blockbuster budgets and expectations.

True story.

Another hypothesis is that because he dedicates himself to one movie at a time, it translates into an investment that proves to elevate his films above the rest. Fans know that when a Christopher Nolan movie is released that it will be something grand in scale, thought-provoking and visually stunning with a pulsating soundtrack courtesy of his longtime musical collaborator Hans Zimmer. 

Another teaser trailer has been released for Interstellar and it’s worthwhile to see. There’s one detail in particular that’s revealed that will undoubtedly be a string that will pull at our hearts throughout this space epic. It has to do with a conversion of time.

Christopher Nolan’s singular cinematic commitment is truly reaching for the stars in Interstellar.

Will you be so tenacious come early November?


Happy Monday!

How many times did you hit the snooze button this morning? (I’ll plead the 5th on this one)

And, just like that, we’re back to the workweek routine. But what if we, in the midst of our familiar schedule of venturing to work, deviate from this path and leap onto a new route/into a new window we’ve never peaked into before?

Will you let your imagination run wild?

Allow Yourself to Secretly Escape for a Few Minutes Today!

This Interview Has Everything…

Bill Hader is one of the great comedic actors and impressionists around today (and tomorrow, too). He made millions laugh as a cast member on Saturday Night Live and he continues to do so by lending his voice to animated films like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, movies like Superbad and The Skeleton Twins and just when he’s being himself during late night interviews. Although, we cannot neglect the brilliant writing from one of Bill’s primary partners while at SNL: John Mulaney. And, on occasion, pranks would be pulled right before the live performance on Weekend Update.

Speaking of which, here is a terrific clip of how Bill’s most revered SNL character was created and, perhaps, the surprise from Mulaney that threw him off his game the most.

FYI: I read about this club and it has everything…including a Spader.

What’s a Spader?

That’s when Spud Web dresses up as Bill Hader.

Mixing ID’s

Spoiler Alert: This post contains details from the season 2 premiere of The Goldbergs:

“Pick a name”

“James Bond”


“Barry Bonds”

“Also taken”

“Barry Goldberg”

“That’s your name!”

“Erica Goldberg”

“That is my name!”

Now that television’s “summer break” is officially over, families like The Goldbergs have re-entered our lives with their perfectly placed ’80s references (a Lost Boys t-shirt anyone?), along with their all too familiar bickering between siblings and between siblings and parents. Of course, nothing seems to pull a family closer together than the dedicated art of a mixture tape.

(FYI: Mixture Tape = Mix Tape)

Let the awkward hilarity rejoice and begin anew in the suburbs of Philadelphia in 1980-something!

When young Adam had his first crush, feelings of love, excitement and nervousness seemed to paralyze him from communicating anything to Dana Caldwell beyond asking her if she wanted to poke a snake with a stick after school. Enter the glorious relationship gift called the “mix tape.” It was a certified gold gesture from the days of analog technology and the card game Uno. This way, Adam could let famous musicians express his true feelings for Dana instead of him.


The only problem was that Adam left his romantic prize laying out for the one and only sMother (aka-his mom Beverly) to find it who obviously assumed it was meant for her. This led to the most delicious pancakes ever, Boo-Berry cereal and the public declaration that he was her favorite child…in front of her other two children.

Nothing could go wrong, right?

Meanwhile, Erica was teaching Barry how to obtain the coveted Fake ID. Naturally, with Barry involved, it led to one of the most amusing failed experiences of all-time. Plus, add in David Spade as the willing photo hut employee (for a double sitcom reunion, mind you) and you knew the laughs were coming. Please see the opening dialogue for a glimpse into this comedic exchange.

As Beverly convinced herself the mix tape was a loving tribute to her from her snuggle monster, this threw Adam’s universe into a tailspin. This relationship volcano erupted when Beverly gave Adam and his appreciative girlfriend Dana a ride home from a laser show. Beverly then proceeded to play “her” mix tape in the car and sing the title track, Chicago’s “You’re the Inspiration.”

Yes, this happened. And then questions were asked from every direction.

Whose mix tape was it? Did Adam make the same mix tape for his girlfriend and his mom? Who was Adam’s true inspiration?

Some of you may even be asking, “what’s a mix tape?”

Bottom line: This created a disastrous conundrum for Adam. He had to fix his delicate relations with his girlfriend and his sMother. Like so many of the plot lines in these episodes, the season 2 premiere reminded me of a situation in my life. While there’s no single event that perfectly reflects what occurred in this episode, listening to my mom talk about her life and her experiences over the years has always made me really proud of what she’s accomplished and of who she is. Similar to Adam and Beverly, these feelings are usually expressed in actions rather than words, like when Beverly helped her snuggle monster win his girlfriend back with a spectacularly public laser redemption show starring Adam and Dana (and Beverly…). The point is that family will inevitably embarrass us at the most awkward times to be embarrassed, but they’ll also be there to bail us out when we need it the most.

Ask Barry, as he stood in front of the popular seniors with two bags of sandwiches gyro’s (sounds like) when his fully-clothed dad Murray came to the rescue whilst simultaneously busting his moron son for attempting to buy beer with a Fake ID.

Just Barry being Barry. Well, as Carlos Del Monaco actually.

Or ask me. After a girl I’d been dating for more than 2 months ended things with the devastating silent treatment, my mom responded by saying, “I think I’m going to have to go Beverly Goldberg on her ass.”

Mom, you’re an inspiration to me in so many ways!

Welcome back for your second season Goldbergs:

(Cinema Blend online)

(Cinema Blend online)

Here’s to family!