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A Big, Tasty Thanksgiving

Giving thanks is a bit more complicated than simply saying, well, “thanks.”

With a little more than a week until we gather with friends and family to carve a turkey and celebrate Thanksgiving, it’s important to reflect on what we’re thankful for this holiday season. So many things happen to us during the course of one year that we need to make sure we don’t neglect to speak to these forces for good that made us a better person. How did we help one another in a time of need? We should tell people what they truly mean to us on a deeply personal level.

OR, you could do a Thanksgiving toast Barry Goldberg/Big Tasty-style.

If I replace his ninja sword with my lightsaber…


Save Nostalgia with a Twist & Shout

Spoiler Alert: This blog post contains details from the February 25, 2015 episode of The Goldbergs 

(EW's Community)

(EW’s Community)

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”
-Ferris Bueller

In a single word: Epic!

Adam F. Goldberg, sitcom’s connoisseur of the 1980s and leader of The Goldbergs, revived a treasured classic and booked the cameo of the year (plus Ben Stein…Ben Stein in the promo) in last night’s episode, “Barry Goldberg’s Day Off.” Expected a week earlier in the Two and a Half Men series finale, Charlie Sheen continued to fuel his feud with that show’s leader Chuck Lorre with tiger’s blood. Charlie declined a highly-anticipated return to his old show. Instead, Goldberg had the perfect timing and script for Sheen to make his prime time television return as the drug-addled addict character he played in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (you almost can’t write this) and it was great. As a matter of fact, Goldberg revealed that Sheen pitched his final line and, for those who saw it, it was hilarious.

“It’s about time, I feel like I’ve been sittin’ here for 30 f”in years!”

This episode was a perfect homage to the ’80s masterpiece with countless shot-for-shot remakes, the iconic wardrobe, unforgettable quotes and original twists (and shouting) custom-fit for The Goldbergs. Every single character nailed their part. They were all so choice. The story was ultimately about Barry discovering his inner-Ferris Bueller, despite the reality of being a Cameron Frye. Truthfully, it’s the dilemma most of us face, especially in high school. This tribute episode was special because of the movie, its place in our hearts and minds and it was a nostalgic time travel (without a Ferrari, flying car or phone booth) back to a time when John Hughes was king.

Some would argue he still is.

Hughes’ storytelling and all too-real portrayals of teen life was impeccable. His films and characters continue to stand the test of time. Sitting on the edge of my seat with a smile a mile wide during the entire show, Goldberg wonderfully reminded us that the past is never too far away and that it really feels good to win (had to) with a rockin’ song in front of a raucous crowd.

Life, in so many ways, is about moments. And each of us should have our own Ferris-inspired day off.  

Adam F. Goldberg revealed at the end of the episode that he wanted to be the next John Hughes as a kid (note his childhood obsession with filming his uncensored family). In the modern television world, he’s as close as anybody. It’s always amazing to learn who or what motivates us at our most impressionable ages.

It’s clear that we will never forget the brilliant mind and vision of John Hughes.

P.S. I sent a tweet last night that read:

@TheGoldbergsABC is literally Epic!!! To quote myself, “I just believe in The Goldbergs” #FerrisBuellersDayOff

The second part of the message was an homage to a quote from the movie. It was commented on and re-tweeted. It even got “favorited” by a few people…including Adam F. Goldberg!

That’s epic!

Oh yeah (chicka chicka) 

You Need to Sit Down For This

Spoiler Alert: This post contains content from the October 8, 2014 episode of The Goldbergs:

“You can have a second wedding?!”

Expressing love is a beautiful thing. This is especially true with regal pomp and circumstance, as best demonstrated by the British Royal Family in 1981 (and 2011). One of the mesmerized Americans across the pond was none other than Beverly Goldberg, admiring the exquisite attention paid to the blushing bride on her most special day in colorful clothes and a giant hat fit for a 1980-something American princess. And by Diana’s side was Charles, her strapping, romantic prince.

Then, there was Murray Goldberg, who literally sat down on a chair during his nuptials. Yes, that happened and it was recorded for all to see with perplexed wonder. But Murray is a simple man who is not a fan of wearing pants, or so he’d have you believe…

Inspired by the Royal Wedding, Beverly took her close friend’s advice and coaxed/strong-armed Murray into renewing their vows. This is when things got very interesting around the Goldberg household, specifically around the television set.

Meanwhile, Adam and his best bro Barry were busy rocking to classic ’80s hair band tunes in full ’80s hair band clothes in their garage (as it’s intended to be!). Despite the fact the one song they knew (by Barry standards) was by Twisted Sister, the top choices for their band’s name seemed to revolve around one word or name. Can you guess what it was? Here’s a hint: it rhymes with “marry” (had to). One of the suggestions was literally, “Little House on the Barry.” Actually, that is incredible! Still, it seems quite logical that their band name would have been Twisted Brothers, but maybe that was too obvious for a killer band name? It was a spectacularly awesome train wreck that, despite it’s lack of musical talent, was a show worthy of an early morning gig in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

Then, chaos slowly started to brew: Girls in a band (sister Erica and friend Lainey), a husband reciting a sitcom theme song as his wedding vows (Family Ties) and then having his wife hilariously confront her husband by claiming the theme song from The Facts of Life as her !#^%*! wedding vows.

After Barry failed again to sweep his crush Lainey off her feet, Murray (feeling guilty about his effort on his vows) consoled his oldest son by showing him the video of his nuptials…sitting down in a chair. Beverly thought it was because of a low blood sugar-type issue, but as Murray revealed to Barry, he was sitting because he was so overwhelmed by his blushing bride’s beauty and how she was completely out of his league. This was how I felt at the end of an amazing first date in the year 2000-something. We sat on a bench late at night, amusingly people watched, spoke for a little bit and then kissed under a romantic, glowing street light. The setting was perfect and so was she. Like Murray, sometimes us guys need the support of a seat to gain the strength to have an unforgettable moment with a girl who is out of our league.

Knowing deep down what he needed and wanted to do for his gorgeous wife, Murray prepared a sweet, formal ceremony at 4:00 a.m. (when Beverly set her alarm to watch the Royal Wedding) and had Pops lead her down into the backyard decorated with suburban Philadelphia style-pomp and circumstance and the family band playing “Eternal Flame” by The Bangles. He then proceeded to say his vows, from his heart, sans the help of a popular ’80s sitcom.

It was moment that, quite honestly, was out of the Royal Wedding’s league.

Here’s to every Twisted Family out there, sha-la-la-la-la!

(The Goldbergs Twitter)

(The Goldbergs Twitter)

Mixing ID’s

Spoiler Alert: This post contains details from the season 2 premiere of The Goldbergs:

“Pick a name”

“James Bond”


“Barry Bonds”

“Also taken”

“Barry Goldberg”

“That’s your name!”

“Erica Goldberg”

“That is my name!”

Now that television’s “summer break” is officially over, families like The Goldbergs have re-entered our lives with their perfectly placed ’80s references (a Lost Boys t-shirt anyone?), along with their all too familiar bickering between siblings and between siblings and parents. Of course, nothing seems to pull a family closer together than the dedicated art of a mixture tape.

(FYI: Mixture Tape = Mix Tape)

Let the awkward hilarity rejoice and begin anew in the suburbs of Philadelphia in 1980-something!

When young Adam had his first crush, feelings of love, excitement and nervousness seemed to paralyze him from communicating anything to Dana Caldwell beyond asking her if she wanted to poke a snake with a stick after school. Enter the glorious relationship gift called the “mix tape.” It was a certified gold gesture from the days of analog technology and the card game Uno. This way, Adam could let famous musicians express his true feelings for Dana instead of him.


The only problem was that Adam left his romantic prize laying out for the one and only sMother (aka-his mom Beverly) to find it who obviously assumed it was meant for her. This led to the most delicious pancakes ever, Boo-Berry cereal and the public declaration that he was her favorite child…in front of her other two children.

Nothing could go wrong, right?

Meanwhile, Erica was teaching Barry how to obtain the coveted Fake ID. Naturally, with Barry involved, it led to one of the most amusing failed experiences of all-time. Plus, add in David Spade as the willing photo hut employee (for a double sitcom reunion, mind you) and you knew the laughs were coming. Please see the opening dialogue for a glimpse into this comedic exchange.

As Beverly convinced herself the mix tape was a loving tribute to her from her snuggle monster, this threw Adam’s universe into a tailspin. This relationship volcano erupted when Beverly gave Adam and his appreciative girlfriend Dana a ride home from a laser show. Beverly then proceeded to play “her” mix tape in the car and sing the title track, Chicago’s “You’re the Inspiration.”

Yes, this happened. And then questions were asked from every direction.

Whose mix tape was it? Did Adam make the same mix tape for his girlfriend and his mom? Who was Adam’s true inspiration?

Some of you may even be asking, “what’s a mix tape?”

Bottom line: This created a disastrous conundrum for Adam. He had to fix his delicate relations with his girlfriend and his sMother. Like so many of the plot lines in these episodes, the season 2 premiere reminded me of a situation in my life. While there’s no single event that perfectly reflects what occurred in this episode, listening to my mom talk about her life and her experiences over the years has always made me really proud of what she’s accomplished and of who she is. Similar to Adam and Beverly, these feelings are usually expressed in actions rather than words, like when Beverly helped her snuggle monster win his girlfriend back with a spectacularly public laser redemption show starring Adam and Dana (and Beverly…). The point is that family will inevitably embarrass us at the most awkward times to be embarrassed, but they’ll also be there to bail us out when we need it the most.

Ask Barry, as he stood in front of the popular seniors with two bags of sandwiches gyro’s (sounds like) when his fully-clothed dad Murray came to the rescue whilst simultaneously busting his moron son for attempting to buy beer with a Fake ID.

Just Barry being Barry. Well, as Carlos Del Monaco actually.

Or ask me. After a girl I’d been dating for more than 2 months ended things with the devastating silent treatment, my mom responded by saying, “I think I’m going to have to go Beverly Goldberg on her ass.”

Mom, you’re an inspiration to me in so many ways!

Welcome back for your second season Goldbergs:

(Cinema Blend online)

(Cinema Blend online)

Here’s to family!