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Save Nostalgia with a Twist & Shout

Spoiler Alert: This blog post contains details from the February 25, 2015 episode of The Goldbergs 

(EW's Community)

(EW’s Community)

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”
-Ferris Bueller

In a single word: Epic!

Adam F. Goldberg, sitcom’s connoisseur of the 1980s and leader of The Goldbergs, revived a treasured classic and booked the cameo of the year (plus Ben Stein…Ben Stein in the promo) in last night’s episode, “Barry Goldberg’s Day Off.” Expected a week earlier in the Two and a Half Men series finale, Charlie Sheen continued to fuel his feud with that show’s leader Chuck Lorre with tiger’s blood. Charlie declined a highly-anticipated return to his old show. Instead, Goldberg had the perfect timing and script for Sheen to make his prime time television return as the drug-addled addict character he played in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (you almost can’t write this) and it was great. As a matter of fact, Goldberg revealed that Sheen pitched his final line and, for those who saw it, it was hilarious.

“It’s about time, I feel like I’ve been sittin’ here for 30 f”in years!”

This episode was a perfect homage to the ’80s masterpiece with countless shot-for-shot remakes, the iconic wardrobe, unforgettable quotes and original twists (and shouting) custom-fit for The Goldbergs. Every single character nailed their part. They were all so choice. The story was ultimately about Barry discovering his inner-Ferris Bueller, despite the reality of being a Cameron Frye. Truthfully, it’s the dilemma most of us face, especially in high school. This tribute episode was special because of the movie, its place in our hearts and minds and it was a nostalgic time travel (without a Ferrari, flying car or phone booth) back to a time when John Hughes was king.

Some would argue he still is.

Hughes’ storytelling and all too-real portrayals of teen life was impeccable. His films and characters continue to stand the test of time. Sitting on the edge of my seat with a smile a mile wide during the entire show, Goldberg wonderfully reminded us that the past is never too far away and that it really feels good to win (had to) with a rockin’ song in front of a raucous crowd.

Life, in so many ways, is about moments. And each of us should have our own Ferris-inspired day off.  

Adam F. Goldberg revealed at the end of the episode that he wanted to be the next John Hughes as a kid (note his childhood obsession with filming his uncensored family). In the modern television world, he’s as close as anybody. It’s always amazing to learn who or what motivates us at our most impressionable ages.

It’s clear that we will never forget the brilliant mind and vision of John Hughes.

P.S. I sent a tweet last night that read:

@TheGoldbergsABC is literally Epic!!! To quote myself, “I just believe in The Goldbergs” #FerrisBuellersDayOff

The second part of the message was an homage to a quote from the movie. It was commented on and re-tweeted. It even got “favorited” by a few people…including Adam F. Goldberg!

That’s epic!

Oh yeah (chicka chicka) 

Back to the Past in the Present

“…the oddest thing about what’s happening right now is that we’ve stopped living our lives and we’re just recording them”
— George Clooney (Esquire interview, 2013)

Pinpoint insight from Mr. Clooney who (like many of us) have been increasingly aware that the appeal and function of social media is overwhelming our natural instincts to live and simply exist in the moment. Social media has its positives and negatives and its consumers continue to make these determinations for its value each and every day. However, it has reached a critical fork-in-the-road whereby people need to determine if we (in the picture taking and video recording sense) want to be a present or past society?

Snapping (well, tapping) a picture is a good, fun thing. But tapping photos of everything is not and the same notion qualifies for recording video. We need to remember how to filter the important from the mundane. There is a difference. And not to be misunderstood, taking an amazing photo and/or video is certainly a cool thing. Without question. But as Ferris Bueller famously said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around every once in a while, you could miss it.”

Wise words.

Why should we relentlessly restrict our lives to a 4-inch screen when the entire world is within our reach and sight? What do you think Michael Cera?

The randomness of life is so awesome that we shouldn’t limit these incredible chance moments from happening right in front of us.

Think of it as “Instaliving.”


On Friday, May 3rd, I posted an article titled, “Am I Sick? Time For a Quick Look Outside”. 

Harmless enough, it featured a hypothetical master plan in how to fake being sick to play hooky from work to ultimately spend the day like a well-known, charming manipulator.

There is just one problem…

Make sure the bosses don’t find it and read it!

Luckily, my bosses have a good sense of humor!

Now, if I see one of them looking outside their office window at the sky with a daydreamers glaze, I’ll know to ask them this critically important question:

“Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?”

Am I Sick? Time for a Quick Look Outside

I work in an office. It has good lighting, air conditioning and heating. This is especially beneficial in the loathsome months of cold weather painted with dark skies, dripping with freezing rain. However, the forecasts now consistently reveal the sun shining at highs in “Pleasantville”-seventies and lows in refreshing mid-fifties. Three days into May and the month has yet again delivered upon its high expectations.

Today, the weather is warm and sunny with a shiny invitation to come outside and play. But alas, here I sit at my desk. This still doesn’t mean I haven’t read the aforementioned invitation and everything it has planned…

—Driving with the windows down with no time constraints
—Sitting outside in a comfortable chair, reading a good book while drinking and feasting like the Romans
—No time constraints
—Going for a nice long run while listening to my favorite musical adventures
—Borrowing my best friend’s dad’s Ferrari and driving it into the city
—Swimming at my local gym
—Riding roller coasters
—Singing in public

I drive a Toyota and live in Ohio, but I still think this can work…