Am I Sick? Time for a Quick Look Outside

I work in an office. It has good lighting, air conditioning and heating. This is especially beneficial in the loathsome months of cold weather painted with dark skies, dripping with freezing rain. However, the forecasts now consistently reveal the sun shining at highs in “Pleasantville”-seventies and lows in refreshing mid-fifties. Three days into May and the month has yet again delivered upon its high expectations.

Today, the weather is warm and sunny with a shiny invitation to come outside and play. But alas, here I sit at my desk. This still doesn’t mean I haven’t read the aforementioned invitation and everything it has planned…

—Driving with the windows down with no time constraints
—Sitting outside in a comfortable chair, reading a good book while drinking and feasting like the Romans
—No time constraints
—Going for a nice long run while listening to my favorite musical adventures
—Borrowing my best friend’s dad’s Ferrari and driving it into the city
—Swimming at my local gym
—Riding roller coasters
—Singing in public

I drive a Toyota and live in Ohio, but I still think this can work…

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