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We’re All McCallisters at the Airport

It doesn’t seem to matter how early we (meaning people in general) arrive at the airport, we always cut it close enough to the point where we just might not make our flight.

Vacations/business trips aren’t just reserved for summer or the holidays anymore. The reason for mentioning this now is that the time right before and between Thanksgiving and Christmas (and New Years) is one of the prime periods of the year when airports are full with travelers making their way to their destinations. It’s a happy sight.

And, yes, there’s also the occasional chaotic scene that rushes through the terminal faster than a speeding train. If you find yourself at an airport in the near future and you need to hustle to catch your flight, just remember to run to Chuck Berry’s, “Run Run Rudolph.”

It helps.

We’ve all been there.


These Tots Are Dynamite

Burger King, unlike the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs in the 2016 World Series, fully understands the power of nostalgia and popular cult movies.

Cleveland and Chicago: This is how you do it.

While I’m not a regular Burger King customer, this commercial featuring actors/characters from a favorite movie of mine and many, many others (Jon Heder as Napoleon and Efrain Ramírez as Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite) may be just enough for me to try the advertised Cheesy Tots. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is sometimes all it takes for advertisers or marketers to sell a product beyond a predetermined customer base. No extensive research, but instead an understanding of the magnetism of cinema, comedy and pop culture nostalgia and its special place in our hearts.

This commercial has nostalgia skills…product placement skills…cult-celebrity placement skills. Customers only want food chains that have great skills.

P.S. Here is a clip from Napoleon Dynamite that inspired the crazy awesome Burger King commercial above.  

Happy Monday!

And the alarm goes off.

Mondays are tough. To clarify, Monday mornings are tough. Trying to snap back into our busy workweek schedule requires the shock of an early wake-up call, unfortunately.

Fortunately, there’s a man (along with his band mates) who are always up to the challenge of getting people going. More specifically, they’re really good at starting people up.

As the Maroon 5 song says, it’s time to dance with those moves like Jagger.

Have a Rockin’ Week!

Toledo’s Favorite Sons Go to Battle

“THE Game” is finally upon us.

The Ohio State Buckeyes will play That Team Up North at noon tomorrow in the chilly confines of The Horseshoe in Columbus, OH.

  • #2 Ohio State vs. #3 That Team Up North
  • Urban Meyer vs. Jim Harbaugh (both 52 years-old and both born in Toledo, OH)
  • A spot in the college football playoff
  • A (potential) spot in the Big Ten Championship Game
  • Gold Pants
  • Bragging Rights
  • Statewide Pride

All of this will be on the line when these two football powerhouses collide. And this rivalry is not only the best in college football, but it’s the greatest rivalry in sports. Why? The Toledo War.

The Toledo War was a border dispute between the State of Ohio and the Michigan Territory Territory Up North during the first several decades of the nineteenth century.
–Ohio History Central online

Poetically, Toledo, OH remains divided between Buckeyes and Wolverines loyalties. There’s a sports store that’s literally divided in half for these two fan bases. The animosity and hatred between two neighboring states and universities didn’t begin because of an athletic competition, but from a conflict rooted in something much more profound. In the case of Ohio and That State Up North, the answer is a war.

That’s unrivaled in sports.

The Game of the Century: Volume 2 is at noon tomorrow on ABC.