Daily Archives: November 8, 2016

Stay Calm and Don’t Carry On

Who knew that the 1987 movie Mannequin would inspire a craze in November 2016?

The latest video trend that’s spreading across the country is a freeze-framing act called the “Mannequin Challenge.” The object of this activity is to create a scene and for the participants to stand or pose perfectly still while a video camera pans the scene to capture the moment.

One thing is certain: The “Mannequin Challenge” is substantially better than planking.

While freezing time may seem like a strange diversion from productive activities, there are elements of unity and creativity between the participants. TheĀ “Mannequin Challenge,” like social media, is proving to be a fun bridge for bringing people together in entertaining and bonding fashion. There is a feeling of being a part of something bigger through the lens of something positive and lighthearted.

Andrew McCarthy and Kim Cattrall (Mannequin stars) have to think this is pretty co-

(Sorry, I did the “Mannequin Challenge” as I was writing the last sentence)


P.S. Let’s flashback to the original mannequin and that unforgettable song…