Daily Archives: November 14, 2016

Happy Monday!

Disney’s timing is impeccable.

People are in need of some unifying good news and Emma Watson and Co. may have a remedy that sparks our imaginations and pulls our heart strings in the best ways. Ladies and gentlemen, there was a movie trailer that was released just this morning and it’s one you’ll want to see…

The 1991 animated masterpiece Beauty and the Beast from Disney remains one of the greatest movies ever made. An incredible feat not only for an animated film, but one courtesy of Disney. When news broke of a live-action version, skepticism immediately followed. The room for error was, potentially, too great to risk the legacy and feel of the original. However, when Emma Watson was cast as Belle, people’s confidence skyrocketed.

For good reason.

And Emma Watson, along with the featured cast, director, set designers, producers, etc., seem to have created something bordering on amazing.

Have an Uplifting Week!