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Happy Monday

Larry David.

Alright, after you’re done chuckling to yourself recalling a funny Seinfeld episode featuring Larry David’s old TV-self George Costanza, enjoy the new TV-version of Larry David called…Larry David.

This has me thinking one thing:

How much wood would Jerry Seinfeld chuck if Larry David could not bear to chuck wood?

(Insert Jerry Seinfeld’s famed arm gesture) “Larry!”

Lesson? Be goofy and roll with your absurdity. Why? It’s highly entertaining.

Have a Better Week Than Last Week.


Happy Monday

Modern foreign policy, spanning several American presidents and allied world leaders, has been a frustrating headache with no transcendent solutions. The problems are momentous, urgent and seemingly never-ending and amorphous. People continue to wait for a great leader to take charge with a master chess champion-level brilliance who also possesses an oratorical prowess for the ages.

It may be time to stop looking to the future and instead look into the smoky rearview mirror of history…

Darkest Hour arrives in theaters in January of 2018. And after its recent premiere at the Telluride Film Festival, the Hollywood Reporter gave a glowing review.

“A crowd-pleasing account of Churchill’s rising to the occasion.”
Todd McCarthy, The Hollywood Reporter

“…rising to the occasion.” A phrase, and wish, that people all around the world are demanding from their leaders.

Have a Better Week Than Last Week.

Happy Monday

He’s only getting better with age.

And no, I didn’t name a bottle of wine Thor. I’m not crazy. My mother had me (Big Bang Theory fans will fill-in-the-blank here). The “he” in the sentence above refers to the genius comedic writer and actor Larry David.

Seinfeld savants have been cognizant of Mr. David’s writing prowess since the late ’80s and throughout the nineties in the sitcom world. However, Larry David has been experiencing a renaissance of sorts with the public (even though he really didn’t go anywhere) for his HBO show Curb Your Enthusiasm, a successful stint on SNL as Bernie Sanders (spot-on) and a Broadway writing and acting debut in Fish in the Dark. Part of this renaissance is that with his HBO show and play, Larry David has been in front of the camera and on-stage.

Add in nostalgia for the timeless brilliance of Seinfeld’s unique brand of humor and an old guy humorously telling it exactly like it is (and then some) in completely absurd (yet entirely relatable) situations on Curb Your Enthusiasm and those are the main reasons why Larry David is experiencing a Betty White-like resurgence in recent years.

Plus, Larry David is insanely funny as an actor and a writer!

And he’s still going strong…

super strong.

Have a Better Week Than Last Week.

Happy Monday

It’s Monday. It’s time to wake up from the weekend (literally and metaphorically).

It’s time for TCB.

TCB: That Creative Brainstorm. There’s no better way to start the workweek.

And that’s how you take care of business.

Have a Better Week Than Last Week.