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When it Rainns…

the insight pours.

Why is this interview with Rainn Wilson (Dwight Schrute) important?

First, comedy has been experiencing a revolution during the past couple decades with shows (The Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld, Arrested Development, to name a few) that are focused on everyday, relatable circumstances in real-time. And this brand of humor has (and continues to) connect with audiences in lasting fashion.

What do I mean by lasting?

Curb Your Enthusiasm and Arrested Development, for example, have endured years-long (yes, plural) hiatuses. And yet, fans return with eagerness and attentive enthusiasm when these shows come back, and not according to any set seasonal schedule. This dedication in fandom, in some part, was the precursor to the Netflix binge-era of staggered, relaxed release dates.

Second, Rainn Wilson’s interview above reminds us of the great humor we can find in seemingly mundane, normal situations. With that comes a charge:

Find comedy wherever you can. On your car ride to work, during lunch, hanging out with friends and family, running errands…

even in the office.


Sam I Am Who Gives a Damn

Sam Elliott for the win (or ftw, as the kids say).

There are few actors in Hollywood who exemplify that old school “man” in film and televsion. Clint Eastwood is certainly at the top of this list, along with mustache aficionados Tom Selleck and Sam Elliott (video above). As a matter of fact, Mr. Elliott portrays such a manly character in the Netflix show The Ranch. His gritty, no nonsense, old school, tough western rancher persona is, ironically, a refreshing contrast to his sons played by That ’70s Show alums Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson.

Although, as the show demonstrates, both generations have valid points in a myriad of situations. It’s just that ever-present sign of the times.

Or, from a different perspective, Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson seem destined to be around Red Forman (in some form) for TV eternity. Regardless, this one-on-one interview between Sam Jones and Sam Elliott seemed like a perfect fit for “Wisdom Wednesday,” sponsored by Jimmy’s Daily Planet.

“Always do a little more than what’s expected of you”
–Sam Elliott 

Kevin’s Ace

When we’re kids, it’s called, “an active imagination.” Before, during and shortly after college, it’s called, “hearing voices.” From our late twenties forward, it’s called…”comedic gold.”

Exhibit A: Kevin Spacey of House of Cards.

And who is working on that perfect Kevin Spacey impression?

Christopher? Al? Jack?

Happy Monday

When Nicolas Cage stars in a new movie, fully immersed as a crazy, off-balanced character, we watch with excitement.

When “Nicolas Cage Agrees to Return Stolen Dinosaur Skull to Mongolia” (New York Times headline), we discover that his off-the-wall, yet illustrious film career has finally melted into his life off the silver screen.

When Nicolas Cage gives late night interviews, we hear things that can only be uttered with surprising and sincere truth by Nicolas Cage.

Nicolas Cage as Superman? No.

But then again, for the same reason I watched Sharknado, maybe yes…?

Have a Better Week Than Last Week.