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Sam I Am Who Gives a Damn

Sam Elliott for the win (or ftw, as the kids say).

There are few actors in Hollywood who exemplify that old school “man” in film and televsion. Clint Eastwood is certainly at the top of this list, along with mustache aficionados Tom Selleck and Sam Elliott (video above). As a matter of fact, Mr. Elliott portrays such a manly character in the Netflix show The Ranch. His gritty, no nonsense, old school, tough western rancher persona is, ironically, a refreshing contrast to his sons played by That ’70s Show alums Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson.

Although, as the show demonstrates, both generations have valid points in a myriad of situations. It’s just that ever-present sign of the times.

Or, from a different perspective, Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson seem destined to be around Red Forman (in some form) for TV eternity. Regardless, this one-on-one interview between Sam Jones and Sam Elliott seemed like a perfect fit for “Wisdom Wednesday,” sponsored by Jimmy’s Daily Planet.

“Always do a little more than what’s expected of you”
–Sam ElliottĀ 


Happy Monday

Mondays begin with the most frustrating alarm ring. That blasting sound from our alarm clock, whether from a smartphone or an actual clock, feels like a cold splash in the face.

In other words, a cold open.

If only there was a so-called “cold open” that could inspire us instead of dreading Monday mornings…

That cold open to the Golden Globes was, as Justin Timberlake might say (as Jimmy Fallon), “so great, so great!”

And he would be correct. Now that’s a great way to start the workweek on a positive, uplifting note.

Have a Better Week Than Last Week.


Thank Goodness it’s (Almost) Friday.

Have you ever had one of those Thursdays when you’re at work doing serious tasks and something breaks your concentration? We’ve all been there, particularly when we’re cognizant of the fact that only one day separates us from the weekend. The problem is we can’t allow ourselves to break our 9-5 “character.” This lapse in protocol can come from a big, dramatic distraction or it can be a few declarative words from your offbeat coworker.

Dwight always had the perfect beet for comedy.

Fact: You need the strength of 11 full-grown men to get through that clip without laughing.

Looking Beyond the Fiddle Faddle

“I’m a female woman!”

Spoiler Alert: This is a recap of “The Goldbergs” from December 3, 2013.

There are practically zero circumstances in life where that statement makes any logical sense…at all.

To add a bit of clarity, here’s a little context: Beverly Goldberg in mall jail.

Mystery solved.

Imagine running a marathon for 26.19 miles and then, for the final 0.01 mile of the race, your brother sweeps in from nowhere to joyfully jog backwards into the finish line to reap all the glory. The frustration one would feel would be off the charts in complete and utter shock. The emotions would be virtually unprecedented. Actually, in this situation, that was exactly the case. Switch in six months of pursuing the grand prize in “Legends of Zelda” in 1980s-something for the marathon and you’ve got Adam and Barry’s most recent brotherly battle.

What’s worse: Adam losing his glorious Zelda finale to his older brother, Barry’s negativity forcing his quick thinking grandfather to lie and deceive him about luck or that Barry wore a ketchup colored shirt to bet on the ponies while eating a hot dog with mustard?

All have the credentials to claim the Exotica.

To fully understand how Beverly Goldberg found herself in the treacherous room known as “mall jail,” the issue of money plus a teenage daughter must first be discussed. What do you get when the savviest shopper of all-time (buy two mattresses, get two free and a $9.99 lawn mower!) gives birth to a daughter who fifteen or sixteen years later gets a job as a cashier at a dynamite department store with an incredible employee discount?

You get a Mom who sets up camp at her embarrassed teenage daughter’s place of employment/place of coolness/”supposed” freedom and independence, a mannequin stolen, but also the incomparable “Clapper.”

After all the clothes and random purchases during just one week, Erica’s boss finally stepped in (but in a totally non-flirtatious way) to subtly tell his newest employee that her Mom had to be cut-off from the discount.

Enter the snow pants.

With a perfectly maniacal plan to deny the discount from her Mother, Erica, with a smile, watched as her Mom “allegedly” tried to steal perfume while also buying snow pants for the same daughter who was willing to send her own Mother down the river…to mall jail.

While all this was happening, “Barry Luck” was providing said brother with a delusional sense of prosperous fortune. Was it real? No. But sometimes it takes an illusion to spark a necessary and magical mindset of confidence. The placebo effect. It’s something grandparents understand and Pops is undoubtedly one of the greats.

The tension between Erica and Beverly, like most things in life, was not really about a massive overuse of an employee discount. It was about big life decisions and what she and her Mom value most. And the reasons for those decisions.

As every family should realize (and the Goldbergs sure did), being a Mom is full-time job that truly brings harmony, stability and a crazily awesome love for her family.

There are times when we need to pause, take a deep breath and understand that people want different things out of life. Knowing what we want out of life, with all the chaos and opportunities around us, is an impressive trait to possess. Whatever that may be, it’s a sign of intelligence, strength and inner serenity.

And if that’s your starting point every morning, then you should consider yourself rich without the need for any discount or “(insert your name here) luck.”

Beverly Goldberg was only in mall jail for 12 minutes. However, it doesn’t take viewers nearly that long to get hilariously excited for each new episode of “The Goldbergs” every Tuesday night at 9:00 p.m. on ABC.

It’s a popular favorite!

P.S. Beverly literally owns “The Clapper.” She literally used it in the best way imaginable!