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What is it about mannequins that bring us all to life?

Well, it’s partly the movie Mannequin where the mannequin literally came to life…but there’s something else there too, I think.

Late Late Show host James Corden is the latest person to explore this strange (yet hilarious and heart-warming) relationship humans seem to have with mannequins that inevitably leads to telling jokes, singing and dancing in the form of a revamped trailer to the 1987 classic Mannequin.

James Corden definitely figured out how to spice up the magic of a mannequin.


A Shadow’s Hidden Brilliance

One of the greatest aspects about film (beyond its ratios) is the fact that some movies showcase vivid colors and some movies showcase black and white and, despite this monumental difference in appearance, the quality of the story rarely ever suffers as a result.

Ladies and gentlemen, the latter will be explored in today’s blog post.

Like yesterday’s post, there certainly are scenes I would add and delete from YouTube user Now You See It’s montage of famous movie clips. Having said this, the video below is a pleasant reminder of the uniquely artistic quality that black and white films gave audiences during the early decades of the still burgeoning movie-making medium. The simplicity, the contrasts and the shadows, if shot correctly and if utilized correctly with clever storytelling, has the power to effortlessly shock, surprise and guide a movie and its engaged audience along a wonderful journey to a variety of discoveries.

I bet you’re thinking what I am:

What would these classic black and white films look like in 4K?

I____I (A Director Framing That Perfect Shot)

When a movie becomes more than a movie to us, that’s when a movie transforms into that movie.

We love films for countless reasons that are equally objective and subjective. Whether it’s the story, cast, settings, director, subject or that it simply arrived at seemingly the perfect time during our life for some reason or another, we never forget our favorite movies. Part of this admiration typically includes an unforgettable shot(s) by the director. These visionary moments, either revolutionary or an example of a trademark directorial style, speak to us in profound ways.

True story.

Thankfully, YouTube exists and serves as a prime medium for creating and sharing content that speaks to us in myriad fashions. For this blog post, YouTube user The Solomon Society has gifted viewers with a video deftly titled, “The Most Beautiful Shots In Movie History.” I would add some different shots (and delete a few), but the video below is off to a good start.¬†

When one shot can capture the magic of an entire movie, that’s typically when people declare (personally and publicly) we need to see that movie.

The Vintage, Homey Style is Back

Rogue One is one week away from being available for purchase in a video store (well, a big store with a limited movie section) and it currently has the number one commercial.

The ’70s and ’80s, among many things, featured the revolutionary cinematic franchise Star Wars, the rise of storyteller Steven Spielberg and the never-to-be-forgotten VHS (Video Home System). As covered on Jimmy’s Daily Planet around this time last year, the creative team behind The Nice Guys engaged in a brilliant marketing campaign to promote its highly-entertaining buddy cop film. Based in the ’70s, The Nice Guys had a few trailers. All well done. But one of those trailers rose above the rest by having the gritty, quintessential and unique film quality of a movie literally released in (you guessed it) the ’70s.

And YouTube user Damien Kazan channeled the same creative spirit and took it to the next nostalgic level for a crazy awesome commercial marketing…a VHS copy of Rogue One.

If only the distribution team behind Rogue One could have pulled off a special edition VHS version of this critically-acclaimed Star Wars Story for purchase. Regardless, this VHS commercial is undeniably rad.

This fan-made Rogue One commercial is outstanding.

4K TV’s certainly have no issue capturing the crown as the resolution king in family rooms around the world today, but it may be damn near impossible for 4K (and 8K, etc.) to ever capture the nostalgic movie magic from the days of the VHS.

1980s-something for the win.