Daily Archives: March 16, 2017

The Cats Are Going Wild From North to West

Nominees often say that being considered for an award is a tremendous honor. And it is. But it’s a lot of fun to win…

The Northwestern University Wildcats secured a bid in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament (March Madness) for the first-time in school history just last weekend. The team and its fans erupted in celebration on “Selection Sunday” when it was announced the Wildcats would be dancing in March.

Little did the fans know that their cheering that day was just the beginning of their jubilation.

Northwestern vs. Vanderbilt: The highlights.

Now, the next game for the 8-seeded Wildcats is a date with the 1-seeded Gonzaga Bulldogs in the West bracket.

Going by common sense and analysis, the Gonzaga Bulldogs should advance to the Sweet Sixteen with ease. Going by the surprisingly successful mascot rule (which mascot would win in a fight), that’s where this match-up becomes more interesting with a Bulldog vs. a Wildcat.

The former is the logical approach, but the latter approach is much more fun.

Going by geography and names, this basketball game will be North Northwestern by vs. Northwest.