Daily Archives: March 30, 2017

A Shadow’s Hidden Brilliance

One of the greatest aspects about film (beyond its ratios) is the fact that some movies showcase vivid colors and some movies showcase black and white and, despite this monumental difference in appearance, the quality of the story rarely ever suffers as a result.

Ladies and gentlemen, the latter will be explored in today’s blog post.

Like yesterday’s post, there certainly are scenes I would add and delete from YouTube user Now You See It’s montage of famous movie clips. Having said this, the video below is a pleasant reminder of the uniquely artistic quality that black and white films gave audiences during the early decades of the still burgeoning movie-making medium. The simplicity, the contrasts and the shadows, if shot correctly and if utilized correctly with clever storytelling, has the power to effortlessly shock, surprise and guide a movie and its engaged audience along a wonderful journey to a variety of discoveries.

I bet you’re thinking what I am:

What would these classic black and white films look like in 4K?