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Happy Monday!

Rock ‘n roll is as American as apple pie…

and Slash.

A product of the LA music scene during the ’70s and ’80s, Slash (Saul Hudson) rose to become one of the most greatest (and most iconic) guitarists in music history. His style is original and his talent is crazy incredible.

This past Saturday, college football rivalry games dominated our television sets. The Star Spangled Banner, a perfect song in its own right, was performed before each game as is tradition.

So, what happened when a perfect song received a special treatment from a living rock ‘n roll legend?

That’s America right there.

Have a Rockin’ Good Week!   


Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s a day when we say thanks, eat a grand feast with family, watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade…

and are reminded that Detroit has a professional football team.

Today is a wonderfully chaotic celebration. Delicious food is eaten and entertaining anecdotes are shared. As my mom would say with a grin, it’s a day for “forced family fun.” It’s also a day for surprise fun with friends.

And yes, that includes everybody’s favourite group of friends.

Here’s to you having a “The One With” kind of Thanksgiving!

Greet, Treat & Gobble-Gobble

The turkey isn’t always served on a platter…

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to spend with family, reminiscing whilst enjoying a grand feast.

(Just make sure you thank the person who made the cranberry sauce with that extra zip this year!)

And yet, despite a perfectly prepared dinner and impeccable planning, chaos always seems to find itself on the front page of the menu.

Hopefully, it comes with some top-shelf humor as showcased in Planes, Trains and Automobiles and its story of enduring hilarious obstacles to make it to Thanksgiving with family.

The world is thankful for Steve Martin and John Candy (RIP).

The Intersection of Comedy & Drama

Christopher Nolan is now a verb.

The director of gritty, epic dramas that are grounded in realism and groundbreaking science-fiction, yet elevated with labyrinths of mind-bending plot twists, has carved out a space of his own in the cinematic world. His style is definitive. Nolan’s innovative take on movies (honoring the past while reaching for new dimensions) has resulted in a strong following (pardon the pun).

Nolan’s latest film, Interstellar, was an operatic space epic that took adventures into the stars to another level because of its gravity in scientific theory. Along with the brilliant soundtrack by composing collaborator Hans Zimmer, Interstellar will inspire future filmmakers, composers, actors and storytellers.  

And this, surprisingly, includes fans of comedy.

We’ll never look at Mel Brooks and his movie Spaceballs the same way again…

I love it.