Daily Archives: November 4, 2015

Justice is (a) Grind

How good is The Grinder?

Let me rephrase that: The Grinder is how good sitcoms do it.

The freshman comedy on Fox starring Rob Lowe (former TV lawyer “The Grinder”) and Fred Savage (a real lawyer) as brothers is the perfect show for this generation. The concept is outrageous, but it is openly made fun of and advanced in pitch-perfect fashion. Lowe and Savage carry the show, but the supporting actors and actresses (family, law firm colleagues and new characters) bring it all together for a sensational sitcom.

“…the most dramatic way possible.”
–The Grinder

Do you need more? I thought so.

And yes (enter a pause with a dramatic turn to you the reader)…this show will sustain as a hit far into the future.