Is Today Friday? Shore Is

Wisdom from Pauly Shore?

This might happen.

Friday night is the time to go out and have fun. With the weekend comes a certain comfort level for trying new things and letting creativity flow. The tricky balancing act is recognizing and acknowledging the warning signs along the way, however small and seemingly inconsequential.

Enter Pauly Shore from Jury Duty.

Whether you technically ride a bus or are selected for jury duty, hopefully you have a great weekend while being aware of your surroundings and limits.

Of course, make sure to have a few good laughs.

Then take a seat and enjoy the ride.

King Tut’s Famous Stand (Up)

What do you get when a 33-year-old man steps on a stage in front of a large crowd of people in a three-piece white suit?

And no, this person isn’t Colonel Sanders.

Stand-up comedy is not traditionally a profession known for its formality, except for hosts of late-night television. Slightly surprising, there’s no singular formula for succeeding in stand-up comedy. Despite the limited space to perform, react (a critically important quality) and be creative, the best comedians figure out ways to distinguish themselves and rise above what we’ve heard and seen before. These gifted individuals show audiences unique bits, share insightful perspectives and connect on levels far deeper than laughter.

Steve Martin is one of these comedic geniuses.

That’s the rarely seen Double Throwback Thursday, starring Steve Martin in 1978 and Egyptian pharaoh King Tut.

They’re just two wild and crazy guys.

RIP Garry Marshall

He was one of the good guys in Hollywood.

Garry Marshall, the beloved TV creator, producer and movie director, has died at 81 years of age. He was the man behind Happy Days, The Odd Couple, Pretty Woman, Beaches and many other popular films. A few of these movies (Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve, Mother’s Day) featured fun, interweaving story lines with star-studded casts. The phrase “star-studded casts” was no exaggeration.

And the actors and actresses in his films always performed well because Garry wanted them to perform well.

Garry Marshall was one of the good guys in Hollywood.

RIP Garry Marshall.

A Short Time Ago in a Front Yard in Close, Close Proximity…

Some people question the power of movies. Some people even question Huey Lewis and the News over the power of love.

But what about the power of love towards movies?

Legendary composer John Williams has produced some of the most (if not the most) iconic soundtracks to many of the most beloved movies of all-time. This includes Star Wars, as brilliantly played on the trumpet by the young boy in the video outside the house of Mr. Williams. The first Star Wars movie (Episode IV) changed the world back in 1977. The kid in the video is 13 year-old Bryce Hayashi. He wasn’t even born in the same century as Episode IV, and yet, there he was playing the famous anthem of the opening crawl 39 years later in 2016.

To get praise from John Williams himself, that’s movie magic right there.


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