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King Tut’s Famous Stand (Up)

What do you get when a 33-year-old man steps on a stage in front of a large crowd of people in a three-piece white suit?

And no, this person isn’t Colonel Sanders.

Stand-up comedy is not traditionally a profession known for its formality, except for hosts of late-night television. Slightly surprising, there’s no singular formula for succeeding in stand-up comedy. Despite the limited space to perform, react (a critically important quality) and be creative, the best comedians figure out ways to distinguish themselves and rise above what we’ve heard and seen before. These gifted individuals show audiences unique bits, share insightful perspectives and connect on levels far deeper than laughter.

Steve Martin is one of these comedic geniuses.

That’s the rarely seen Double Throwback Thursday, starring Steve Martin in 1978 and Egyptian┬ápharaoh King Tut.

They’re just two wild and crazy guys.


Happy Monday

First: Our thoughts and prayers to those involved in the horrific shooting in Orlando.

David Spade always has a good story to tell.

Along with fellow cast members Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, Chris Rock and many others, David Spade’s time spent at Saturday Night Live was legendary, even by SNL standards. This group was lightning in a bottle.

We know the famous moments from those Saturday nights, but how about a great backstage story?

That story is comedic bliss.

Greet, Treat & Gobble-Gobble

The turkey isn’t always served on a platter…

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to spend with family, reminiscing whilst enjoying a grand feast.

(Just make sure you thank the person who made the cranberry sauce with that extra zip this year!)

And yet, despite a perfectly prepared dinner and impeccable planning, chaos always seems to find itself on the front page of the menu.

Hopefully, it comes with some top-shelf humor as showcased in Planes, Trains and Automobiles and its story of enduring hilarious obstacles to make it to Thanksgiving with family.

The world is thankful for Steve Martin and John Candy (RIP).