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David Spade’s Comedic Audible

David Spade does not disappoint.

Whether in the ’90s or in the year 2018, comedian David Spade remains one of the funniest SNL alums doing stand-up today. Armed with a quick-hitting, witty sense of humor, the former ‘Weekend Update’ anchor continues to grab our attention with hilariously clever observations.

Some of his material seems like it’s been carefully constructed over a long period of time while other bits feel like naturally funny musings you’d hear if you were in the middle of a conversation with him.

Either way, David Spade is very funny.

And his humor can be funny within the time restraints of the Snapchat app or captured with a Polaroid camera.

David Spade’s Middle Seat Observations

Wherever David Spade is being David Spade is where you want to be. Unless it’s Macy’s or a Southwest flight.

David Spade’s conversational comedic timing and delivery are why he is a legitimate SNL legend. His punchlines are cleverly disguised for a hilarious impact that works like the Energizer bunny.

Or like the unrestricted turnstile ticket sales strategy for any Southwest flight. Either one keeps going and going and going.

Speaking of which…

Happy Monday

First: Our thoughts and prayers to those involved in the horrific shooting in Orlando.

David Spade always has a good story to tell.

Along with fellow cast members Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, Chris Rock and many others, David Spade’s time spent at Saturday Night Live was legendary, even by SNL standards. This group was lightning in a bottle.

We know the famous moments from those Saturday nights, but how about a great backstage story?

That story is comedic bliss.

His Hollywood Minute

David Spade is really interesting.

Today is the official release date of Spade’s new book, “David Spade is Almost Interesting.” The stand-up comedian, actor and former SNL cast member (6 years) has shared some hilarious tales of his career through the years on talk shows. Along with Chris Farley (RIP), Adam Sandler and others, Spade was skilled at seamlessly showcasing his comedic talents onstage and in front of the camera.

Weekend Update, “Gap Girls” and Tommy Boy.

Enough said.

David Spade is a likable character in his own right, which translates to successful endeavor after successful endeavor. His book is a must-read for fans of him and vintage SNL comedy the way it should be: clever, biting, inspiring, unforgettable and laugh-out-loud hilarious.

We all want to be his friend and hang-out with him for a night in NYC or LA for the experience, the comedy and the stories.

Here’s one of those behind-the-scene anecdotes from his days at 30 Rock.

Yeah, Steve Martin is interesting too.