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It’s “Flashback Friday.”

And, quite frankly, it’s difficult to beat a Larry David-themed flashback post. So, therefore, here is comedic genius Larry David (Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm) with his takes on social norms.

These are comedic bits about nothing that was actually about something pretty, pretty, pretty…funny!


Anybody Else Hear a Cowbell? It’s Coming From That Hot Tub. Hey, Someone Brought BBQ Ribs & Budweiser!

Will Ferrell is returning to 30 Rock (the building, not the show) to host this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live with musical guest Chris Stapleton. And this blog post will ask just one question:

What’s your favorite Will Ferrell sketch?

Okay, that’s an unfair question.

The correct answer is Will Ferrell on SNL What is Will Ferrell on SNL.

Happy Monday

Checking into a hotel is supposed to be a soothing experience. After all, we’re paying a pretty penny (or 25,000) to be away from the stresses of everyday life for night of peace and quiet. Simplicity is the name of the game at a nice hotel.

Check-in and relax (in four hours).

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s “Happy Monday” post, which is a weekly amenity of Jimmy’s Daily Planet. Star Gazer Lounge not included.

Have a Better Week Than Last Week. 

By Now, Cellphones Should Be a Grain of Salt

Cellphones (or smartphones) appear (and are literally) getting larger in size. But that wasn’t what we all thought back in the day…of the 2000s.

Anyways, an SNL sketch with a hilarious guest host who is in the zone, Jimmy Fallon breaking character at the exact right moments (wait, he breaks character?) and Will Ferrell being, well…

Okay you guys, it’s the weekend, which means you’re supposed to break your Monday-Friday character. However, if you work at a place like Jeffrey’s, folding the same clothes all day, laughing on the job may just be part of the gig.

P.S. What is it with Will Ferrell and women’s sunglasses…?