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His Hollywood Minute

David Spade is really interesting.

Today is the official release date of Spade’s new book, “David Spade is Almost Interesting.” The stand-up comedian, actor and former SNL cast member (6 years) has shared some hilarious tales of his career through the years on talk shows. Along with Chris Farley (RIP), Adam Sandler and others, Spade was skilled at seamlessly showcasing his comedic talents onstage and in front of the camera.

Weekend Update, “Gap Girls” and Tommy Boy.

Enough said.

David Spade is a likable character in his own right, which translates to successful endeavor after successful endeavor. His book is a must-read for fans of him and vintage SNL comedy the way it should be: clever, biting, inspiring, unforgettable and laugh-out-loud hilarious.

We all want to be his friend and hang-out with him for a night in NYC or LA for the experience, the comedy and the stories.

Here’s one of those behind-the-scene anecdotes from his days at 30 Rock.

Yeah, Steve Martin is interesting too.

The Honeymoon at Comic-Con

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert will premiere on September 8th on CBS.

Colbert will officially become the network’s new late night king nearly four months after David Letterman retired. With Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel doing well at NBC and ABC respectively, Colbert will need to make a defining splash in his first show. In terms of star power, it would be a challenge to land a bigger star. He was a Letterman favorite, so it makes some sense.

At least we know Mr. Clooney will bring some interesting anecdotes.

At least he’ll never have to apologize for his storytelling prowess.

The Written Word’s Seven Wonders

The following video clip will offer some insights into how a famous author to movie-goers wrote his latest novel titled “Seven Wonders.” A quick FYI: Ben Mezrich wrote the books the led to The Social Network and 21. Excitedly, the book involves precisely what you’re thinking: the seven wonders of the world. If you are a fan of Mezrich or author Dan Brown and Indiana Jones, then this book will need to be on your must-read list ASAP!

Sure sounds like a future blockbuster trilogy already, doesn’t it…

Falling (& Then Rising) into September

The precision of Mother Nature to acutely turn the dial from the last unofficial big weekend of Summer to Fall would make any master Swiss watchmaker blush. Yesterday’s heat (at least in Columbus, Ohio) juxtaposed with today’s rainy chill was too stark a reminder that daily and weekly plans must be adjusted to soon accommodate orange and green leaves spread across streets and sidewalks, along with the quest for sweaters, khaki pants and brown boots packed tightly in bins stored in basements and attics. For the college football fan, Saturday’s now become a navigation of kickoff times of noon, 3:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.

What does this mean?

It means (in certain ways) an identity refresh. Priorities may change from season-to-season. It can translate into a personal restart. Like any good, entertaining play, the story cannot and should not be judged on the first act alone. Act 2 is usually when the depth of characters and plot lines are realized and understood. All great stories have fun experiences, coupled with a small obstacle or two. Quite frankly, that’s what makes the situation real. That’s how things work. Plus, slight overreactions and/or miscommunications (I might have a little experience with this) should always have oxygen for a sincere explanation.

And, if things get a little chilly, grab a sweater.

Talk about good timing, right?