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O George, Where Art Thou?

Movies from the early 20th century are exciting because of the high-quality of writing, cinematography and acting from these pioneering days of the movie business. What we enjoy today was made possible because of the risks and excellence in storytelling from decades earlier. Films from its earliest years are some of the industry’s greatest achievements.

It’s no wonder contemporary writers, directors and actors return back to that original “golden era.” Think The Rocketeer and The Artist.

The Coen brothers are the latest to reminisce, explore and highlight this treasured time in the major motion picture business. They are once again teaming up with this small-time actor George Clooney (O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Burn After Reading, Intolerable Cruelty).

Here’s the first trailer for, “Hail, Caesar!”

When does this movie arrive in theaters?

The future.

(Specifically, February 5, 2016)

The Honeymoon at Comic-Con

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert will premiere on September 8th on CBS.

Colbert will officially become the network’s new late night king nearly four months after David Letterman retired. With Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel doing well at NBC and ABC respectively, Colbert will need to make a defining splash in his first show. In terms of star power, it would be a challenge to land a bigger star. He was a Letterman favorite, so it makes some sense.

At least we know Mr. Clooney will bring some interesting anecdotes.

At least he’ll never have to apologize for his storytelling prowess.

When Tomorrow’s Future is Today

The day has finally arrived for movie patrons to escape into what looks like the best of what Disney’s imagination has to offer in the live-action, George Clooney starring cinematic adventure, Tomorrowland. Ever since the first teaser trailer, this new world has captured our attention. The story appears to be based in and surrounded by all the glorious things we dream of when we think about what the future holds, like flying cars and jet packs, crazy awesome technology and hoverboards (sorry, wrong movie).

Here’s a quick glance into what tomorrow holds.

George Clooney, yesterday’s leading man, is tomorrow’s star.

Trust me, it makes sense.

The Clooney Letter

Since The Goldbergs was a rerun last night, there won’t be a deliciously awesome post today about our favorite suburban Philadelphia family from the 1980s (The Matthew’s family is still King, of course). This week’s replacement will need to be comedic and original. How about exploring the practical joking genius of George Clooney?

Okay, I guess so. It’s not like he’s charming, clever or humorously conniving. From the prankster himself:

Time to buy more stamps…

Dear George,

Thanks for the ideas!


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