O George, Where Art Thou?

Movies from the early 20th century are exciting because of the high-quality of writing, cinematography and acting from these pioneering days of the movie business. What we enjoy today was made possible because of the risks and excellence in storytelling from decades earlier. Films from its earliest years are some of the industry’s greatest achievements.

It’s no wonder contemporary writers, directors and actors return back to that original “golden era.” Think The Rocketeer and The Artist.

The Coen brothers are the latest to reminisce, explore and highlight this treasured time in the major motion picture business. They are once again teaming up with this small-time actor George Clooney (O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Burn After Reading, Intolerable Cruelty).

Here’s the first trailer for, “Hail, Caesar!”

When does this movie arrive in theaters?

The future.

(Specifically, February 5, 2016)


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