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I know it’s not Christmas yet, but the holiday season is under way. You’ll see what I mean in a minute.

As your family gathers together around a grand feast and expresses what they’re thankful for, we must recognize this is the 21st century. The way we celebrate has changed from years past. Technology is a constant presence in our lives, for both good and bad.

This is one of the good times.

Any excuse to play that heartwarming commercial from Apple during the holiday season…

I hope that everyone is ready to enjoy a great Thanksgiving with loved ones tomorrow!


A Big, Tasty Thanksgiving

Giving thanks is a bit more complicated than simply saying, well, “thanks.”

With a little more than a week until we gather with friends and family to carve a turkey and celebrate Thanksgiving, it’s important to reflect on what we’re thankful for this holiday season. So many things happen to us during the course of one year that we need to make sure we don’t neglect to speak to these forces for good that made us a better person. How did we help one another in a time of need? We should tell people what they truly mean to us on a deeply personal level.

OR, you could do a Thanksgiving toast Barry Goldberg/Big Tasty-style.

If I replace his ninja sword with my lightsaber…

Greet, Treat & Gobble-Gobble

The turkey isn’t always served on a platter…

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to spend with family, reminiscing whilst enjoying a grand feast.

(Just make sure you thank the person who made the cranberry sauce with that extra zip this year!)

And yet, despite a perfectly prepared dinner and impeccable planning, chaos always seems to find itself on the front page of the menu.

Hopefully, it comes with some top-shelf humor as showcased in Planes, Trains and Automobiles and its story of enduring hilarious obstacles to make it to Thanksgiving with family.

The world is thankful for Steve Martin and John Candy (RIP).

Smoke and Foam (No Mirrors)

Moving here, there and everywhere.

It’s almost Thanksgiving, which may include staying at home and awaiting a Noah’s Ark variety of family members (and their pets) showing up or bravely traveling away from home for a short holiday vacation. Either way, relaxation will inevitably be intercepted by stress at certain points the next few days and it’s important to anticipate this predictable chaos. There’s no magic escape to this reality. It could be cooking the turkey, parking everybody’s cars to comply with local laws, keeping screaming children quiet or ensuring the dinner conversation remains lighthearted and friendly (unless you’re celebrating Festivus). This way, whatever does arise out of nowhere can be resolved with the greatest demonstration of tranquil multitasking anybody has ever seen.

Well, second best…

Here’s to trying Kramer’s bar magic this holiday (sniff, sniff – if you know what I’m saying).