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Merry Christmas!

‘Tis the season for spending time with loved ones. In whatever way you celebrate Christmas morning and Christmas day, the most important thing is to create lasting memories by embracing this holiday’s special traditions.

And one of those aforementioned traditions is music.

Merry Christmas! 


Happy Thanksgiving

Spending Thanksgiving with family and friends reminds us of the warmth of our relationships, the delicious food that’s brought to the table and the unique hilarity delivered by our family members. For starters, there’s a sign in my parent’s house that reads, “‘Tis the season for forced family fun.” Most of all, this holiday is about settling our rivalries, coming together and being thankful. And in true Thanksgiving fashion, this should happen on the gridiron.

Or at a nearby park.

The Geller Yeller still hasn’t announced the winner.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Wednesday’s Wet Wake-Up

The first day back to work after a holiday can be rough. That’s the truth. When we’re trying to regain our grip on our non-holiday reality, it can kind of feel like this.

The good news is that Thursday is right around the corner. Then, after Thursday, comes Friday and the weekend. Thankfully, falling in water with a big splash is not only normal on the weekend, but encouraged.

And that’s a cold, wet fact.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

The “luck of the Irish” has unusually special powers on St. Patrick’s Day.

And that luck usually comes in the form of a free pint of Guinness (or two if you’re really lucky).

On a more sober note, the story of St. Patrick is interesting, to say the least. Before all of us who have a lot of Irish in our blood or are just a wee bit Irish join in the celebrations of this day, perhaps we should first remind ourselves of the history and the man at the center of this joyous occasion.

I’m still looking for that four-leaf clover…