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Happy Monday!

For those of us who want to change in subtle (or drastic) ways this week, just remember that it is possible to complete such a transformation to be cooler and get the girl.

Even without an elixir.

But a little liquid courage helps.

Have a Better Week Than Last Week. 

Happy Thanksgiving

Spending Thanksgiving with family and friends reminds us of the warmth of our relationships, the delicious food that’s brought to the table and the unique hilarity delivered by our family members. For starters, there’s a sign in my parent’s house that reads, “‘Tis the season for forced family fun.” Most of all, this holiday is about settling our rivalries, coming together and being thankful. And in true Thanksgiving fashion, this should happen on the gridiron.

Or at a nearby park.

The Geller Yeller still hasn’t announced the winner.

Happy Thanksgiving! 


No Shrinkage of Laughter Here

Nobody knows how to be you but you…except somebody else.

Seinfeld is undeniably one of the greatest sitcoms (and comedy universes) in history. Character development had the right momentum, the writing was brilliantly original, yet was restricted to a specific style and flow, and the comedic quartet was dynamically perfect. The guest stars were hits and some even became pop culture icons.

Soup, anyone?

It’s been reported that Jerry (himself), George, Elaine and Kramer were all based (at least in some part) on real people. That just adds to the hilarity of the stories. It also makes the characters all the more relatable.

Speaking of which, George Costanza is based on series co-creator Larry David. But who plays a better George: Jason Alexander or Larry David?

World’s are colliding!

Saved by the Flashback

Jimmy Fallon did it again last night.

For those of us who grew-up in and still love ’90s nostalgia (the culture, clothes/style, movies, sitcoms, music, Saturday morning cartoons and shows, rafting trips, etc.), Fallon is the ideal entertainer for us. To put it as plainly as possible: he gets it. Not only did he clearly enjoy shows like Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Saved by the Bell, but, most importantly, he understands and appreciates the sensitivities/life lessons, humor and true greatness of these incomparable sitcoms from the days of high-top sneakers, faded blue and white jeans, cheesy (yet cool) conversations with friends and your high school principal and the power of the impromptu life “timeout.”

Bayside High, it feels like just yesterday…

“I’m so excited!”

Saved by the Bell Forever!