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The Boys of Summer (Minus 1) Are Back

A lot of sand is nothing to write home about. However, THE Sandlot is an entirely different (and thoroughly entertaining) story. Aside from the fact it’s been a quarter-century since The Sandlot premiered in movie theaters, this film is timeless and will always be 25 kinds of awesome.

What’s more trying: Avoiding the famed pitfalls of Friday the 13th or attempting to recover a baseball signed by Babe Ruth (or Baby Ruth, for true Sandlot fans) hit over a neighbor’s fence and into a backyard guarded a monstrous dog?

Well, you’ll only want to relive one on repeat.


Happy Monday!

Guns N’ Roses + Dave Grohl’s throne + Angus Young + an AC/DC classic =

Performing at Coachella this past Saturday night, Gun N’ Roses called up rock n’ roll buddy Angus Young from AC/DC to provide a little electricity (and Duck Walk) on-stage alongside Slash and Duff as Axl Rose was forced to sit with a broken foot. However, despite his limitation, it was recently announced that Axl will tour with AC/DC (lead singer has to rest with hearing problems) starting May 7th in Portugal. Once his crossover with his Australian friends concludes, the Rose of Guns N’ Roses will return for a U.S. stadium tour beginning mid-June.

Injury or not, rock n’ roll should always have a stage available with Fender amps ready to be blown out by a Les Paul.

Welcome to the New Week!   

A Must-See Curtain Call

Cheers to Frasier, the show born out of a familiar name,
led Frasier, Niles, Marty, Eddie, Roz, Daphne, tossed salads and scrambled eggs to eternal fame
But before the beer and sherry can be drunk, everyone must get a ride to the show,
this is where taking a Taxi comes in handy, like a regular Joe
Mike & Molly will need a ride and be sure to cut them some slack,
news of being cancelled is sad, until they see…just Jack!
Then there’s this bang that’s pretty big, with science and comic books galore,
knock three times and you might be surprised at who opens that purple door…

The legendary sitcom director James Burrows is being celebrated by his extended, iconic NBC family later this month during a television special. James Burrows was the man behind the camera of some of the biggest and best sitcoms in television history. He framed some of the shows during NBC’s supreme, “Must See TV” era, including the famous yellow door frame from Friends.

Celebrating his storied legacy in television directing seems like a pretty good place to get together an incredible cast of favorite TV stars who are best known as cherished characters in our hearts. This gathering will, in fact, include renowned characters Ross, Rachel, Monica, Joey and Phoebe together, in one place, akin to a coffee house couch on NBC.

Chandler’s in England for a play…

and Boddingtons Pale Ale.

Saved by the Flashback

Jimmy Fallon did it again last night.

For those of us who grew-up in and still love ’90s nostalgia (the culture, clothes/style, movies, sitcoms, music, Saturday morning cartoons and shows, rafting trips, etc.), Fallon is the ideal entertainer for us. To put it as plainly as possible: he gets it. Not only did he clearly enjoy shows like Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Saved by the Bell, but, most importantly, he understands and appreciates the sensitivities/life lessons, humor and true greatness of these incomparable sitcoms from the days of high-top sneakers, faded blue and white jeans, cheesy (yet cool) conversations with friends and your high school principal and the power of the impromptu life “timeout.”

Bayside High, it feels like just yesterday…

“I’m so excited!”

Saved by the Bell Forever!