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Happy Monday!

Michael Caine is 85-years-old yet he’s still kickin’ you-know-what and taking names with his stellar acting performances and laugh-out-loud stories from yesteryear.

Here’s one of those aforementioned stories–along with an impression–from yesteryear from yesterparagraph.

The question is when do we get to see Michael Caine hit the silver screen next?

Christopher Nolan: We’re waiting…

Have a Better Week Than Last Week. 

The Boys of Summer (Minus 1) Are Back

A lot of sand is nothing to write home about. However, THE Sandlot is an entirely different (and thoroughly entertaining) story. Aside from the fact it’s been a quarter-century since The Sandlot premiered in movie theaters, this film is timeless and will always be 25 kinds of awesome.

What’s more trying: Avoiding the famed pitfalls of Friday the 13th or attempting to recover a baseball signed by Babe Ruth (or Baby Ruth, for true Sandlot fans) hit over a neighbor’s fence and into a backyard guarded a monstrous dog?

Well, you’ll only want to relive one on repeat.

And Action!

Superman is the greatest superhero in history.

This entry will focus on the latter portion of this statement because as the 2013 cinematic version of the, “man of steel” is only days away from re-entering Earth’s atmosphere and psyche, understanding where this inspirational icon has come from is critical to appreciating where he is today.

About 63 years ago, George Reeves entertained television audiences with his clean-cut image of Superman. Then, the world in 1978 saw Christopher Reeve prove to be definitively everything Clark Kent/Superman to movie audiences of all ages. A couple more actors since have added their personalities to this character and this Friday British actor Henry Cavill will be debuting his take to the public.

Below is a collection of clips from a Superman documentary, tracking the television and movie actors up to Christopher Reeve look-alike Brandon Routh in 2006s, “Superman Returns.” It’s remarkable to see how one character from a comic book published 75 years ago has changed and sustained decade after decade after decade to bring rejuvenated hope to the people of Earth.

With, “Man of Steel” about to premiere to the worldwide audiences, watch the short video and reminisce on all things Superman. All the while, ask yourself if you think this superhero is trending in the right direction.

And also watch a trailer for, “Man of Steel” again and compare and contrast what George Reeves and his television show did in the 1950s to what Warner Bros. is doing today in 2013.

Super indeed!

Top of the Second

“As a celebration of the magic of movies involving baseball, at least one scene from a different film will be posted each day for the next nine days…”
—From “Top of the First” March 28th

In the game of baseball, there are teams that can afford to peruse through a catalog of players, glaze over their hitting percentages and “big name” status and then call them up with a single offer that would make them potentially the biggest fools on the planet if they were to reject the contract. In other words, money plays.

But what if there was a team that thought differently? What if a manager and his Ivy League educated assistant used statistics and mathematical equations to evaluate talent to determine the best value in players who would inevitably score x runs, strikeout y hitters and ultimately win z games?

And more incredibly, what if this was based on a true story involving the Oakland A’s?

“Bottom of the First” showed us how math had to be used to get the Minnesota Twins, of “Little Big League,” into the game. The first scene (and a bonus scene!) from “Moneyball” shows us the genesis of deciding to utilize statistics and math to win the game.