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Happy Monday!

If this 2013 ‘Man of Steel’ teaser trailer doesn’t inspire you, then I don’t know what will.

Now go ahead and hit PLAY again.

Have a Better (& More Super) Week Than Last Week. 

It’s a Super Monday!

Today is a special, super Monday!

Experiencing the return of the, “Man of Steel” on an epic IMAX screen was the perfect stage for this character’s epic re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere from Planet Krypton.

As a result of our spoiler-happy culture, I purposefully avoided search engine terms such as, “Man of Steel,” “Henry Cavill,” “Amy Adams” and anything related to this movie for the past couple weeks. The internet has no filter. However, it’s apparently been a well-known fact that a sequel has been in the works for some time now. Still, I wanted to know as little as possible before watching 2013s, “Man of Steel.”

This new development (for me anyways) definitely changes some of the dynamics and reflections for, “Man of Steel.”

The confirmation of a sequel with writer David Goyer instantly put, “Man of Steel” into a new perspective (like “Batman Begins”) concerning Clark Kent/Superman’s character arc. Realizing this, “Man of Steel” represents more of an origin story and a damn good one at that!

And as mentioned in an earlier post, the chemistry between Super- the Man of Steel and Lois Lane, which is a pivotal relationship, was engaging, palpable and entertaining.

The countdown has begun for the Super Sequel!

P.S. Go See, “Man of Steel!”

Reintroducing a Classic

Through all of the variations of Superman, whether in cinema, television or comic books, Christopher Reeve established himself as the standard bearer 35 years ago. The richness Reeve brought to life in Clark Kent/Superman, and his superb supporting cast, has defined this movie from the ’70s as a classic well into the digitally-driven 21st century. We the audience did not simply watch in awe as a powerful man flew through the air and battled bad guys, but instead got caught up in a heroic story and a love story involving another world and people and a particularly feisty Daily Planet reporter. Terrific elements of realness and fantasy intertwined, which potently lifted Superman off the 2D screen into our hearts and imaginations.

Will 2013s, “Man of Steel” have the same impact as 1978s, “Superman”?

Richard Donner cared about Clark Kent/Superman, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Mr. White, General Zod, Lex Luthor and so forth. His dedication to showing us a story about Superman instead of telling us was just one of the many “it” factors that has cemented, “Superman” as the best movie thus far about the man with the “S” on his chest.

We cared because he cared.

The story for “Man of Steel” was written and concocted by David Goyer and Christopher Nolan (both of “The Dark Knight” trilogy). Below is an interview with Mr. Goyer.

The paramount question: Did Goyer and Nolan write a screenplay and create a story that Superman fans from multiple generations will care about in 2013?

And Action!

Superman is the greatest superhero in history.

This entry will focus on the latter portion of this statement because as the 2013 cinematic version of the, “man of steel” is only days away from re-entering Earth’s atmosphere and psyche, understanding where this inspirational icon has come from is critical to appreciating where he is today.

About 63 years ago, George Reeves entertained television audiences with his clean-cut image of Superman. Then, the world in 1978 saw Christopher Reeve prove to be definitively everything Clark Kent/Superman to movie audiences of all ages. A couple more actors since have added their personalities to this character and this Friday British actor Henry Cavill will be debuting his take to the public.

Below is a collection of clips from a Superman documentary, tracking the television and movie actors up to Christopher Reeve look-alike Brandon Routh in 2006s, “Superman Returns.” It’s remarkable to see how one character from a comic book published 75 years ago has changed and sustained decade after decade after decade to bring rejuvenated hope to the people of Earth.

With, “Man of Steel” about to premiere to the worldwide audiences, watch the short video and reminisce on all things Superman. All the while, ask yourself if you think this superhero is trending in the right direction.

And also watch a trailer for, “Man of Steel” again and compare and contrast what George Reeves and his television show did in the 1950s to what Warner Bros. is doing today in 2013.

Super indeed!