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Tales from the Krypt

Coming to your favorite blog near you (as fast as a speeding bullet) is the first trailer for the new TV series Krypton.

One of the leading creative minds behind Christopher Nolan’s highly-acclaimed Dark Knight trilogy, writer David S. Goyer, is the executive producer on Krypton. This pre-Superman planetary vision looks intriguing and surprisingly impressive, particularly for TV. Recall that SYFY is the network that has given the world the admittedly and proudly campy Sharknado movie series. Moreover, Krypton will have the added challenge of keeping audiences happy with and interested in the evolving Superman story in relation to the major motion pictures. The Man of Steel sequel continues to be pushed further into the unknown future, but Krypton success could help move the needle for a release date to sooner rather than later. We will keep our fingers crossed.

After all, the “S” stands for hope, right?

Krypton will premiere on SYFY on March 21.

It’s a Super Monday!

Today is a special, super Monday!

Experiencing the return of the, “Man of Steel” on an epic IMAX screen was the perfect stage for this character’s epic re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere from Planet Krypton.

As a result of our spoiler-happy culture, I purposefully avoided search engine terms such as, “Man of Steel,” “Henry Cavill,” “Amy Adams” and anything related to this movie for the past couple weeks. The internet has no filter. However, it’s apparently been a well-known fact that a sequel has been in the works for some time now. Still, I wanted to know as little as possible before watching 2013s, “Man of Steel.”

This new development (for me anyways) definitely changes some of the dynamics and reflections for, “Man of Steel.”

The confirmation of a sequel with writer David Goyer instantly put, “Man of Steel” into a new perspective (like “Batman Begins”) concerning Clark Kent/Superman’s character arc. Realizing this, “Man of Steel” represents more of an origin story and a damn good one at that!

And as mentioned in an earlier post, the chemistry between Super- the Man of Steel and Lois Lane, which is a pivotal relationship, was engaging, palpable and entertaining.

The countdown has begun for the Super Sequel!

P.S. Go See, “Man of Steel!”

“Did You See That Message in Kryptonian?”

Two billboards were recently updated in Los Angeles, with one featuring cryptic Kryptonian symbols and the other revealing a distinguishable Superman “S” in the forefront of a static-like background. What does this mean?

man of steel-billboard(

Most presume social media will remain in our psyche for the foreseeable future, yet the specifics to how this global phenomenon will continually evolve remain ambiguous. The recent billboards that promote the surefire summer blockbuster “Man of Steel” have proven a few things. First, the term “viral” is still relevant in our lexicon and carries with it tremendous power. The newest Superman movie has superseded being just a film, but has instead transcended into an experience. Second, scripts that are driven by great writing and clever plot twists are rewarded by fans of all levels (Some remakes have proven to qualify for this category). Third, portrayals by A-List actors and actresses of cherished characters create a nearly palpable buzz with an intrigued population that spans multiple generations.

People like to feel connected with movies in more than a casual fashion. This brand of fan, with Superman as a prime example, opens a space for filmmakers to create a journey that extends beyond two-two and a half hours in a movie theater.

The build-up for the release of “Man of Steel” is becoming quite grand in nature. The marketing that has accelerated for this massive and quintessential summer adventure is geared to spread like wildfire among interested fans through various communication lanes within the social media realm as well as traditional outlets. Warner Bros. wants people to know that “Man of Steel” is not your average remake.

They want General Zod’s pursuit of Kal-El (Clark Kent, Superman) to seem real, as if this good versus evil clash on Earth could happen.

We are part of the movie now, listening to the dire warning from Krypton’s General Zod, as well as trying to solve the billboard’s cryptic message. It’s been determined that June 14th signifies much more than a premiere date. We are now connected to this story. In fact, this is what screenplay writer David S. Goyer imagined along with producer Christopher Nolan in developing the script. Goyer commented on remaking the most epic superhero story when he was at the Rome Fiction Fest for his Starz project “Da Vinci’s Demons” several months ago.

The excerpt was part of the Screenrant online article by Andrew Dyce, “David S. Goyer Says ‘Man of Steel’ Will Be ‘Realistic’ Like Nolan’s ‘Batman.’

“…but in working on this reboot we are thinking about what would happen if a story like this really happened. How would people react to this? What impact would the presence of Superman in the real world have?”

On April 5th, fans reacted very positively to “Jurassic Park” in 3-D. It appears as if “Man of Steel,” with its engaging promotions, is also providing another dimension for fans to get themselves closer to the movie.

You could call it Super-Dimensional.