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Alien Arrival with Amy Adams

2016 may see a thrilling movie about aliens arriving on Earth yet.

Arrival is the amalgamation of Independence Day, Contact and Gravity.

This new movie trailer (released just hours ago) previews intense action sequences involving a new kind of alien, while ultimately leading to a dramatic third-act revelation for Amy Adams’s character that will transcend the relationship between humans and aliens. That’s a sign of savvy writing with consideration for audiences yearning to see a new, creative take in an established film genre.

Arrival’s storytelling may reveal a close encounter we haven’t seen before.

Whether you believe in aliens or not, this movie is projecting a degree of realism with face-to-face interactions with aliens. That, in and of itself, is a fascinating and inclusive dynamic. Moreover, the potential for strong personal relationships, especially between the mother and daughter seen in the trailer, could be the defining quality that elevates Arrival to a must-see science-fiction thriller.

Independence Day: Resurgence didn’t deliver anything close to its 1996 original twenty years later (the writing cough cough), but cinema goers may be treated to a film with aliens that meets high expectations.

Making the release date of something supernatural arriving on the wish-worthy 11/11?

Seeing aliens is a wish for many people around the world, so well played Arrival marketing team.

P.S. Were you also expecting Amy Adams’s character to ask the alien about the letter “S”?

Oscar’s Favorite Number This Year? 10

The Oscar nominations were announced early this morning. As is true every year, there are obvious selections in popular categories, as well as obvious snubs (Tom Hanks anyone?).

Two points today:

1. Back in 2006, my family and I saw a Broadway show called “Three Days of Rain” starring Bradley Cooper, Julia Roberts and Paul Rudd. I know what you’re thinking: who was in charge of casting? If only there could have been some quality “name” actors, right?

The story took place in an intimate apartment setting, but featured larger than life personalities. This dynamic pushed the limits of storytelling to a place that left us and the audience in an awe. We were able to escape into this world of, well, rain and a will for the father of Roberts and Rudd’s characters.

The play was great and one I will never forget, especially when Julia Roberts waved to me from her black Escalade passing us by on the street outside the theater!

2. American Hustle and Gravity dominated this morning’s party with an astonishing 10 nominations…each.


Having seen Gravity, it’s not surprising this Space thriller and drama with the beautiful and talented Sandra Bullock has garnered a tremendous amount of respect and potential for glory come next month’s golden ceremony. In terms of cinematography, it’s virtually incomparable this year. Admittedly, I have not seen American Hustle yet, but will definitely venture to a theater near me as soon as possible. The latter film features a couple of my favorite actors (plus today’s Lois Lane) and it looks like a fun and wild ride with a top-notch cast.

There are other good movies in Best Picture category, but these two seem to rise above the rest.

Regarding Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress, it’s a bit surreal to see Bradley Cooper and Julia Roberts listed…and in the same year no less. Not surprising, but just surreal that brings a smile to my face and those of my family’s who were in attendance that wonderful night in New York City (it could be argued that Paul Rudd should have received a Best Supporting Actor nod for 2013s Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, but…).

Regardless, talk about “Three Stars of the Future.”

American Hustle is an exciting, elaborate portrayal of political corruption, with some ties to real life events. It features an outstanding cast: Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence and Jeremy Renner. Even though I have not seen it (coupled with the fact I predict I will likely really enjoy it when I do), it does seem to strike the right tone for what has transpired in 2013 (and the past few years before) in politics with our trusted “leaders.”

Conversely, Gravity has more weight to it by the fact that it ties to what most Americans (and people around the world) are facing each day: uncertainty, financial and personal struggles and feelings of isolation for how to continue with heartbreak and such frustrating prospects for improvements in the job market. The plot/story, characters, symbolism and visual imagery is absolutely stunning and provides a powerful narrative that connects with so many viewers all around the world in 2013.

Memorable movies tend to speak to a generation. Or, in Gravity’s case, more than one generation. Both movies represent us in starkly different ways, but which one do we ultimately want to celebrate and remember at this point in history?

If the choice for Best Picture comes down to celebrating an American hustle or a story of personal enlightenment and new-found strength in an environment of the seemingly impossible, the American people and those around the world may want something with a little more gravity to it.

It’s a Super Monday!

Today is a special, super Monday!

Experiencing the return of the, “Man of Steel” on an epic IMAX screen was the perfect stage for this character’s epic re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere from Planet Krypton.

As a result of our spoiler-happy culture, I purposefully avoided search engine terms such as, “Man of Steel,” “Henry Cavill,” “Amy Adams” and anything related to this movie for the past couple weeks. The internet has no filter. However, it’s apparently been a well-known fact that a sequel has been in the works for some time now. Still, I wanted to know as little as possible before watching 2013s, “Man of Steel.”

This new development (for me anyways) definitely changes some of the dynamics and reflections for, “Man of Steel.”

The confirmation of a sequel with writer David Goyer instantly put, “Man of Steel” into a new perspective (like “Batman Begins”) concerning Clark Kent/Superman’s character arc. Realizing this, “Man of Steel” represents more of an origin story and a damn good one at that!

And as mentioned in an earlier post, the chemistry between Super- the Man of Steel and Lois Lane, which is a pivotal relationship, was engaging, palpable and entertaining.

The countdown has begun for the Super Sequel!

P.S. Go See, “Man of Steel!”

An Idea for a Super Premiere

Moore, Oklahoma will never be the same after the EF-5 tornado tore through with unfathomable destruction. But, the people and community will heal in time. They are proving to be extraordinarily resilient and they will rebuild, despite the fact the memories of this tragedy will never simply be seen in a rear-view mirror. Still, it will get better. And yet, what would probably help at this point, beyond treasure chest after treasure chest of money and comfort for the people who lost everything, including loved ones, are perhaps a few little glimmers of inspiration and help for afar.

The clean-up and rehabilitation of the town will be non-stop for years. In the midst of all that is occurring, I have a suggestion for something to take place about three-three and a half weeks from today. I propose that Warner Bros. and everybody involved (cast, crew, director, producers, marketers, studio heads, etc.) in “Man of Steel” visit Moore, Oklahoma for a weekend and help in any way possible. This would involve cleaning, building, searching, consoling and anything and everything that the town needs. In one area would be director Zack Snyder lifting heavy metal of a store with members of the community to producer Christopher Nolan helping to clean up a street unrecognizable now to families to Amy Adams and the ‘man of steel’ himself Henry Cavill moving rubble and offering comfort to families (especially children) in another area. This pattern of generosity would be widespread throughout the entire area affected by the tornado.

People helping people.

Then, on the night the highly anticipated movie was scheduled to premiere to the world, Warner Bros. would bring in a giant projection screen to a cleared field or area where everybody from Moore, Oklahoma, its many outside helpers and the actors, producers, writers, grips, executives, etc. would disperse throughout the crowd to watch on blankets and/or grandstand seats to watch “Man of Steel” for the first time anywhere in the world. There would be complimentary popcorn, drinks, food, you name it with “Man of Steel” packaging. If this weekend and movie premiere could offer the people of the tornado-ravaged community time to temporarily escape from their reality, then it would be a success.

It’s important to note that this event would not be publicized to the public before it occurs, but secretly arranged between the studio and the local government. In essence, it would be a complete surprise for the citizens of Moore, Oklahoma!

Movies are meant, in part, to offer the audience a time to escape, dream and to be inspired. Maybe what the men, women and children in this town needs is Superman. The character of Clark Kent was raised in the Midwest. In many ways, he’s the perfect superhero/savior for this community right now. This event could also give them some assurance that they are not alone and that people for all over do care well beyond the few days of initial media coverage by the networks.

To “Man of Steel” & Warner Bros.: Even if only for a day or two…even if only for a couple of hours, show the people of Moore, Oklahoma the new movie of the greatest superhero of all-time…all the while showing them what hope and spreading goodness to our fellow men, women and children looks like off the big screen.

“It’s not an ‘S.’ On my world, it means hope.”

P.S. A super big check would be a nice gesture as well! “The Clark Kent School” sounds pretty cool!

Or, just put the the Superman “S” on the front of a rebuilt school. How’s that for inspiration.